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The “Gimme” Spirit Has Replaced the Christmas Spirit.

Christmas is no longer about blankets of snow draped over houses and lawns, or a pile of marshmallows plopped on steaming hot chocolate, or holiday cheer being belched through the radio, or a chubby bearded man in a warm red suit.


And it is definitely not about the day they say is Jesus’s birthday.


But, it actually is kind of about the chubby bearded man in the warm red suit.


Kids love Santa Claus, but would they love him if he didn’t have a reputation for leaving presents?


The spirit of Christmas has been replaced with a “gimme” disease. And, it is caught by adults, but mostly children.


Christmas has become very materialistic.


Maybe it always has been, but I have only been around for twenty years of Christmas, so I cannot argue about the past.


People care about what they’re getting and what they are getting their kids–that’s all.


If it’s Jesus’s birthday like you claim, when did it become a thing for US to get presents?

The concept of giving and getting presents began from the historic concept that Jesus was given gifts by the wise men on his birthday.


But we get presents.


I did not know the reasoning behind presents until last night, and I used to go to church as a kid and I read a lot of books.


But I did not know. And I know there are others that don’t.


It’s just a tradition that’s been accepted because it gives people presents.


However, the lists, the animalistic Black Friday shopping, the bragging– it all feeds our greed.


Greed is something that gets bigger and bigger every time we say “I” and “Want”, and it gets even bigger when “I Want” is constantly said in December.


It grows and it grows until it gets so big that tantrums arise, there’s a lack of appreciation, and every other piece of Christmas is forgotten.


Maybe that’s what has started to bother me about presents–the elements of greed that slither out of our bodies from the pits of our stomach and shimmy around us all month, smothering the Christmas spirit.


Like I said, giving and getting presents is fine when it’s about love, acknowledgement, and appreciation. I myself love buying people gifts to show my appreciation. I spent a while in Target today to get my parents the perfect gift, because the deserve it for all they do for me.


But over the years that has been disfigured.


I was watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch last week. I had started re-watching it on Hulu about a month ago from the beginning, reconnecting with it.


Well, there was an episode that really resonated with the spirit of Christmas-being spoiled rotten.


In the episode, Sabrina got a magical witch credit card that zapped everything she wanted. She became mad and obsessed and consumed she began to collect so much stuff. And she never appreciated it, for she always thought there was an item better or an item someone else had that would satisfy her. She got out of control and wanted everything until she literally became spoiled rotten. She began to smell, ooze, and rot she was so spoiled.


And that’s how the world becomes around Christmas. They become obsessed and consumed with getting things. And only on getting things.  I call it the “gimme fever”.


Maybe when I was younger I was the same, but now that I’m older it’s different.

Especially since now I have expensive San Francisco rent and other bills, all I care about are those being paid, presents aren’t as important to me.


Plus, going to college away from home, I’m glad to just be able to have a holiday to fly and visit my family on. That’s all I need. I don’t need presents.


Besides, my family helps me so much with everything that I need help with, so presents is redundant and unnecessary from them.


Don’t get me wrong, I give presents. It’s a way to show love and appreciation.


And getting presents feels sweet because it makes you feel loved and appreciated.


But people become obsessed this time of year.


Writing lists of demands of items.


Fighting over sales, and sometimes even stealing.


Wondering if that small green and red striped box under the tree is the new Xbox they wanted.


Trying to be nice and civil one month out of the year just to get some sort of gift.


Would adults still want to celebrate Christmas without the presents? What about kids?


I bet if Christmas didn’t have presents it would be like Thanksgiving-kind of brushed over and neglected with no decorations, and with more open stores and restaurants.


Presents are a part of Christmas, I understand that. But it should not be the motif of Christmas. It should not be the only thing to look forward to or the only part to care about.

Cherish family, food, and festivities over presents.


Thanks for reading! If you celebrate, what is Christmas about to you? What does your 25th of December usually consist of? Comment below!

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2 thoughts on “The “Gimme” Spirit Has Replaced the Christmas Spirit.”

  1. This time of year has always been about what you make it… for me, it’s about the kids. It instills an appreciation of hope, and magic, and family traditions. Presents are just for fun and should be personal and well-thought-out, or just bring them a smile and a shared seat at the table.

    I do know what you mean though… I quit going to family Christmas with my extended family years ago, because it became over the years all about who could give the most presents. *ugh* And I tried to start a ‘secret Santa’ where everyone just got one, well-thought-out, gift for someone else (drawing names from the hat). It bombed… half didn’t follow through… and it was awkward, and the usual people came in with their giant santa bag of whatever gifts for EVERYONE, even if they couldn’t afford it really. *sigh*

    Like I said, it’s what you make it. That’s the real magic of it. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank yo for the thoughtful comment! I agree that it’s about the tradition, the family, the thoughtfulness, and the love and appreciation. I just don’t like how it often becomes just about presents. Who gets the most. Wondering what you get. Not appreciating what you get. And etc.

      But yeah. I definitely buy presents. But getting older Christmas has become different for me.

      Liked by 1 person

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