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Santa Claus Sounds Like a Rapist…

Happy Holidays! Now that I got the happy part out of the way, time for the bleak stuff…I never thought about this until now, but the idea of Santa is peculiar. And, he kind of sounds like a rapist.


He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake! He knows when you’ve been bad or good? What?My skin crawls just thinking of this mysterious old man watching me and knowing my thoughts and desires.


I bet if a homeless man was doing that to a child, he’d be in jail or worse. But oh, it’s okay with Santa because he’s getting me that new phone or bicycle I wanted! And the crazy part is, Santa Claus is not even real (sorry children) and they’re still normalizing this extreme and dangerous idea.


With Christmas, there is this old, chubby, bearded majestic man that we are supposed to just willingly let into our homes and into our children’s lives?


So, it’s okay for a stranger to enter and slither through our homes if they’re bringing us presents?


I know it’s an old tradition like the Tooth Fairy, but that’s another weird tradition accepted because of the “gimme fever”, which I define as an obsession with getting gifts and material items.


For Easter, there is some sort of mystical fairy that comes by your bed when you are sleeping, but it’s okay because they leave money under your pillow.


Getting some sort of reward or gift does not eradicate the concept’s weirdness.


Maybe I’ve lost the magic of the idea because I’m no longer a kid and I’m not a parent, but I think these ideas are kind of problematic to teach children.


Santa, ideas like the Tooth Fairy, and so on disrupts safety training.


That’s why I don’t get the concept of Santa and his actions.


The tradition of Santa permits kids to let their guards down and become vulnerable to bearded chubby men in red suits or those who simply call themselves Santa, or convince someone they’re Santa.


Santa sounds like a creepy rapist or something.


He’s an old man you must behave a certain way for. He watches you when you sleep. He watches you when you’re awake. He knows where you are always. He visits your home when your parents are asleep. You make a snack for him. Plus, he leaves you presents when he leaves.


And beyond the mythical danger and uneasiness, what about the real threats?


A criminal could easily use the concept of Santa as an opportunity to break into a home, kidnap a child, or do some other horrid action.


That’s why kids should be taught about Santa more cautiously to avoid tragic situations.


This is especially prominent in our technologically advanced world where children are getting online more and more and at younger and younger ages.


A kid can log onto the computer and get into a chat with a sexual predator pretending to be their precious Santa. And if he is good with technology, he could easily find ways to access information to dig into their lives and make himself look like the real Santa.


This actually happened in 2015- a Santa actor talking to kids online and then trying to lure in a thirteen-year-old for sex.


There was also a seven-year-old who was raped by a Santa in a mall whose commands she followed and those commands eventually became sexual.


There’s also other tragic Santa imposter cases including but not limited to: robbery armed and unarmed, distributing child pornography, DUI, kidnapping, public nudity, helicopter theft, stalking, disorderly conduct, and more…


And it’s sad because most kids will comply if they believe in Santa or believe someone can be the real Santa.


But also, because they want to stay on the “nice list” for presents. Again, the “gimme fever” in December.


But parents should teach children this is not normal.


It’s not okay for strangers to be in your house.


It’s not okay to be watched by strangers.


And it’s definitely not okay to let your guard down to a stranger for gifts.


This leads to luring kids into a van with candy and other “gifting” scenarios that leads to kidnap, rape, and murder.


I know these may sound like impossible scenarios and paranoia, but it’s happened already.


So, with this type of problem in mind, what can we do to prevent it from happening to our innocent loved ones? (Reminder: It may differ by age, beliefs, etc). 

  • Make sure children are informed about stranger danger (in person and on the internet as well)
  • Establish limits of Santa Claus with children.
    • for example: Santa delivers presents and eats cookies, not harm or…
  • Keep an eye on children at all times in malls, parks, or other places (especially during the holidays)
  • Teach children techniques if trouble does arise (telling a parent or trusted adult, taking self-defense classes, online reporting, a whistle, a simple scream, etc.)
  • Keep the tradition alive, but simply be cautious, or better safe than sorry.

I’m not saying something is going to happen, but with the unpredictable Earth, you never know. And it’s better to be safe than sorry. Problems around the Santa phenomena have occurred. Children are not thinking of it. They imagine Santa as some chubby, jolly, sweet man leaving them gifts once a year. I imagined the same thing when I was a kid. But now that I’m older (and obsessed with analysis and theories), I see how Santa can be problematic. But like I said, kids will not see that. That is why it is up to parents and guardians and aunts and uncles and every adult who loves a child to look out for them…


And to end on a related, but unrelated topic, is it only the standard image of jolly old Santa (a white Santa) that is allowed into homes and children’s lives? Would the tradition be rendered and approached differently if Santa were a black man? Hm…


Thanks for reading! Sorry for the bleak post, but please let me know what you think about Santa or any myths involving children in the comments! Also please let me know if you have recommendations for what can be done to prevent problems! Thanks! Happy Holidays! 

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