My Poetry


My hair is black like the dark night sky.

My eyes are as brown as the debris of my latte.

My nose is wide like the infinite ocean.

My mouth is dry like the green cactus of the Saguaro desert.

My face is as round as mother Earth.

My body is full like my belly.

And my hands are soft like a bed of clouds.


Thanks for reading! This was actually a self-love simile presented to us in my teacher education class. I loved it, so I decided to tweak it and post it. What similes would you create based on your appearance or identity? Comment below! 

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4 thoughts on “Similes”

  1. This is wonderful! A very self-what’s the word? Darn it… this would be a good exercise for teenagers… to find positive aspects of themselves. I love how you talk about the dark skin and hair… as an observation and affirmation…. that brings pride with it. 😉 Great post.
    (I think self-affirmation was the word? but it’s late…lol. Good night!)

    Liked by 1 person

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