The Guidelines of Feminism

Does men giving up their seats for women interfere with–or go against– equality and feminism, or is chivalry a loophole that trumps it all?


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Tough Questions

8 thoughts on “The Guidelines of Feminism”

  1. If we want to be equal then the men shouldn’t give up their seats, we can’t pick and choose what we want to be equal with. If a man wants to give up his seat it’s because HE WANTS TO, not because society told him he has to in order to be a man

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    1. I agree. We want men to give up seats, that’s re-establishing those gender expectations and rules we are trying to omit. If a guy just is a nice guy and was raised to give up his seat, that’s great. But if he’s sitting and someone just comes up and Shames him because a woman is standing it’s sort of unfair. It confuses the fight for feminism, at least for me it does.

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  2. Well back in the Days when I grew Up Guys Always would give a Woman at heir Seat. Maybe they had a Hard Day Of Work. Just a Questions that Can Have more than 1 Answer.

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    1. Yeah. Definitely a question that can have more than one answer based on age, gender, your environment, etc.

      That was common back then. But now it’s changing because society is different. Maybe it’s because of feminism, maybe it’s because guys are growing up differently now.

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  3. We will have to find a replacement word for ‘trump’… we really will.

    Anyway… I open the door for guys, or hold the door for them if they are behind me. I offer seats if they look tired.

    I was taught it was rude to be so selfish and so oblivious of those around you that you literally ‘slam’ the door in their face… It’s common courtesy, until it isn’t. (some men are being over-bearing and condescending… and you can tell the difference fairly easily…)

    Besides that, you have the option to say “no thank you”… and that is what a true feminist would say, well, unless the heels that they are wearing are digging into the back of their foot so bad they think they might cry….

    Then, for the love of God woman, take the seat. He can see you are in pain. 😉

    (I personally think that high heels are far more offensive than being offered a seat, but it’s a sliding scale thing.)


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    1. Haha. I thought about using the word “trump” when writing this too. Haha.

      And yeah. That’s true. That’s what equality looks like! But some women confuse me. They will say treat me the same then in the next breath scold a guy for not giving his seat. He may have had a long day like you. It shouldn’t define their character if they don’t offer. Some are raised that way, but it’s just such a complex subject. Lol.

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  4. The idea of giving up one seat is one of service and love, I think. I love you as God love me. Many of us have never felt or received that kind of love and are afraid of the openness and exposedness that come with it. I may not be your spouse, boyfriend or lover. That is not it. I love you because you are a female a daughter of God. Please honor me to allow this gift. Just like opening the door to a building or a car. This a choice of mine to love you. You do not have to receive it, but so some much love is pushed away, give incorrectly and with strings why not why not except someone can love you for YOU today, right now in the moment?
    PS. Please understand Love is not sex.

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