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Adventures of a Bookworm: Two Wrinkled Dollars, Two Priceless Books.

Every second Saturday, the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library hold a dollar book sale. Absolutely everything is a dollar. I went with the change in my wallet, which was $2.36. It took so much self-control to limit myself to two books and not pull out my debit card and spend more than I planned. At one point, I even had six books in my hand. Haha. But, I narrowed it down to two. I got two amazing hardcover beautiful books by two of my favorite writers for just two bucks, and there was no tax!

After stopping by SantaCon (for more pictures click here) at Union Squared watching all of the excited and drunk Santas (which I cannot fully participate in until I am 21), I headed to the book sale.


I traveled in the pouring rain, waited in the angry rain for thirty minutes for the bus to finally show up, then rode all the way from Market Street to 17th and De Haro for the book sale. It was empty inside because of the rain and because it closed at two, and I got there around one.



I should have left after I picked up two books, but when you’re surrounded by them, it’s impossible not to. Ha. But, I finally decided on two short story collections by Poe and Twain. Here are my finds below!


  1. The Celebrated Jumping Frog and Other Stories- Mark Twain
  2. Edgar Allan Poe: 67 Tales- Edgar Allan Poe

What are your favorite pieces by Poe and Twain? Who’s your favorite writer, or what’s your favorite short story? Have you ever gotten a really great deal on books? Comment all about it in the comments below! 

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3 thoughts on “Adventures of a Bookworm: Two Wrinkled Dollars, Two Priceless Books.”

  1. What are your favorite pieces by Poe and Twain? – By Poe my favorite pieces are, The Cask of Amontillado, Lenore, and Black Cat / By Twain my favorite piece by him is Cannibalism in the Cars.

    Who’s your favorite writer, or what’s your favorite short story? – I go through phases when it comes with authors, one minute I love these 3 authors the next year I love a new one, and some other author disappears from that list. But for the past 10 years Stephen King has always been a favorite author of mine. Up until recently I never had been a fan of short stories, I’ve often read one and then forget about it instantly, one short story that I adore is A Tiny Feast by Chris Adrian, that one hit me right in the feels.

    Have you ever gotten a really great deal on books? – YAAAAS today I got two hardcover books each for 50 cents. Push by Sapphire and the other is The Assassini by Thomas Gifford. I love bargain books.

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    1. My favorite pieces by Poe are: Annabel Lee and the short story The Fall of the House of Usher. By Mark Twain I love: Huckleberry Finn and Letters from the Earth.

      I’m the same, I go through phases with authors. At the moment my favorite writer (alive) is John Green because he writes about real things and with real endings. Especially in Paper Towns. And my other favorite writer at the moment is John Milton. He created a masterpiece blind. That’s amazing.

      And yes! Bargain books are the best! Fifty cents for a book is amazing!


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