Reader Recognition

Recognized Reader: Ellen Spinner

Time to recognize a reade. Someone who’s been active, engaging, and supportive on my blog and Facebook Page and has gotten my attention…

This recognized reader is… Ellen Spinner! 



A little about Ellen:

1. She was a Bing Yard on Let’s Make a Deal.

2. She truly loves being a guidance counselor (She is a guidance counselor at South Mountain High School in Phoenix, Arizona, and she was MY guidance counselor as well!

3. Her favorite post on my blog: “Why Donald Trump and Josh Duggar’s Sexual Sin is Excused”, for she says she “found it to be very insightful for a young woman and really shows your desire to fight for what is right”.

A big round of applause for Ellen! Thanks for reading and supporting!


*Do you want to be recognized? Be sure to stay active on my blog and page, and engaging in some way. And remember to subscribe below to be entered to win cool prizes each month! 

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