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How to Figure Out If You’re a Vampire

I don’t mean fangs, or garlic, or a lack of reflection, I mean assessing the number three. If you didn’t know, the number three is incredibly prominent and dominant in vampirism. It’s also dominant in my life as well…

The number THREE made me realize I’m a vampire:


I’m in year THREE of college.

I love Chance the Rapper and he wears the number THREE on his hats.

THREE is the only odd number I like.

I love the Fifty Shades of Grey Books and there’s THREE of them.

My name has THREE vowels in it.

I am currently sitting on my bed writing this, and that’s made with THREE letters.

It’s November 13th (thirteen ends with a THREE)

I grew up obsessed with the Jonas Brothers, and there’s THREE of them.

There’s THREE chairs at my dining room table.

There’s THREE things on my grocery list.

There’s THREE books laying in my bed.

I’m listening to Let It Go by James Bay, and that’s a THREE word title!

And, I currently have THREE Facebook notifications!


I think I’m a vampire. Duh duh duh!  (they need a vampire emoji). Haha.


Next year I’ll be in my fourth year of college and I may not be sitting on my bed, and it’ll probably be cleared off by then so there won’t be three books on it, so maybe next year I won’t be a vampire. Haha. But this year, I am. Mwahaha. Just finished reading Dracula and doing a deep dissection of it, so it has polluted my mind. Lol.


Have you ever felt like a vampire? Do you have any vampire qualities? Do you think vampires are real? Or, anything else? Comment below! And remember to subscribe to enter to win cool prizes each month!

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