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American Horror Story Season 7: Elections

Exactly what YG, G-Eazy, and the rest said. Lol… Have not heard this in a few months, but it is so relevant now.


As you’ve all probably seen, a shocking president was declared last night. We didn’t get our first woman president, we got our first publicly dangerous, unqualified, racist, creepy, spoiled, celebrity bigot.


Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States.


We all thought he was a joke. We all thought his campaign was a joke. We all thought his rhetoric and persuasion was a joke. We all thought his fan base was a joke. Now he’s about to turn America into a hazardous joke.


We didn’t think he’d make it this far but not only did he win in the republican primary, he won the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. What the hell? What the hell? What the hell?


Only a rich, white, male can run for the highest position in the country with no experience or knowledge and survive and win.


You’d think it shows you can be anything you want to be, since he won for president, but you can’t be anything you want to be. You can’t be a woman president for one. Nope. Not in this patriarchal society.


As of 10:30am:

Trump won the election with 279 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 228.

He overall had 59,389,590 votes. (47%)

Hillary Clinton had 59, 600, 327 (48%)


They were neck and neck, back and forth, but Trump won. How unbelievable.


Hillary won the popular vote, yet Trump won. This is why I hate the electoral college. Did you know, the Founding Fathers thought an electoral college was best because they thought the public was too incompetent and untrustworthy to vote for president?


How are we going to have a very tiny number representing a large and diverse country, especially when it’s not always representing the country or our best interest like it should?

But, I’m not going to go into detail about the demise of the electoral college because something more dangerous is happening-this vile man that will be in the White House in January…


Ryan Murphy and the rest of the team might as well turn this presidential election into their next season of AHS because it’s been incredibly suspenseful, and incredibly terrifying.


I felt like Hillary Clinton would win, but I feared that there was a chance Donald Trump could win as well. I guess that fear was right.


But more than I am distraught and devastated about Donald Trump being elected the country’s 45th president, I am disappointed in the people that voted for him.


The most disappointing aspect though is that there’s supporters all around us, some even in our circles, they are just wearing facades.


A lot of people were talking about him, but obviously somebody was voting for him. A lot of people were voting for him.


They filled in his bubble on their ballot with knowledge of all of the racism, misogyny, bigotry, bullying, hatred, and ignorance he ejected into his campaign.


People say oh he’s not a bad person! But like Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”.


Why would he portray himself in such an animalistic and unappealing way and he’s running for president? That’s just who he is. It’s not an act, and it’s definitely not a way to get votes. Well, in his case it was because it brought out the repressed racism, sexism, classism, and privilege buried in the bottom of people’s souls.


Plus, even before he was running for president spewing all of his idiotic jargon, he wasn’t an appealing person.


So, how could they vote for him? Why did they vote for him?


I’m trying to imagine the country being ruled by this man, but my mind is painting nothing. All I see is a dark, blank, image which is not good. It’s scary that I can’t even imagine a future with him as our president.


My heart is beating uneasy. I feel different in my body, in my shoes. I don’t know what to expect these next four years.


But not only is this vile man president, the republicans also have the House and Senate.


Why did these Trump supporters not want Hillary? Because of that little email scandal? What about Trump’s sexual assault, incestuous comments, lack of experience, and bullying?


Is America so sexist that they’d rather have a dangerous and idiotic buffoon for president than a woman who has served in the government forever?


Like, her husband spent two terms in the White House, so she has the knowledge and experience. And, I’m sure he would be helping her out every step of the way or being by her side.


And don’t forget her own experience as secretary of the country.


Yet this random, orange, toupee-wearing creep with no political experience won.


Well, I guess he has experience with corporations and our country’s politics is corporation-driven so there’s that.


But he is unfit to run a country!


He is a horrible, petty, and spiteful person!


He won’t have everyone’s best interest in mind!


This election teaches little girls to screw their dreams of being something like President because no matter how great and intelligent of a female you are, you will always lose and be lesser than one of the worst of men.


And he is our president. Blech. Saying President Trump taste like flakes of vomit on my tongue. Just it feels and tastes painful to say.


I would do like his voters and say he is NOT MY PRESIDENT like they did with Obama in 2008, but I don’t want the secret service to come after me because you know he is a sacred, rich, white man and he’s on a higher pedestal than Obama…


My creative writing professor emailed us, at eleven at night, and extended our short stories that were due today, and my journalism professor cancelled class today. The classes that were not cancelled, we used it to mourn and discuss the election. 


Everyone is starting to feel the pain, paranoia, and terror that slithered around in the pits of our stomach anxious for the results.


The results are in, and Donald Trump is who we are supposed to trust with our lives, homes, and spaces.


You know, Canada does not sound bad. They have the hunky and amazing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Justin Bieber, and Shawn Mendes. Plus they’re super friendly! And, I can learn to love hockey and Canadian bacon. Haha. Oh Canada!


I’m not moving there though. I’ll tough it out here. It’s been my home all my life, even with its flaws and obstructions, and I’m not the type to give up and run away.


I’m sure there’s something we can do. Unite and fight. Not physically fight but figuratively.


If this is a democracy we live in, there has got to be something we can do.


I refuse to allow racism, bigotry, bullying, hatred, and sexual assault in a toupee to sit in the White House without a fight.


I am just still so shocked and amazed by the results.


It’s just hard to believe these results are based off of real people’s desires, choices, and actions.


There were so many songs, so many celebrity videos, and so many news stories yet he still won. It’s not the people who didn’t vote for him, or those who didn’t vote at all, it’s the fact that almost sixty million people voted for him and are comfortable with being under his care and rule.


Even women voted for him, even minorities voted for him…

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, choices, and consciousness but damn.


How can you support something that harms others, your family and in friends, and in some cases yourself?


The results of this election are absurd. They are insane. They are so insane, it’s almost hard to believe.


Was the system hacked? Technology can be failed or hacked you know. Lol.


Is it possible they’re messing with us? Is Ashton Kutcher going to pop up on our screens and say America was Punk’d? Lol. If this wasn’t punk’d, but Ashton came out and said we were anyways, does that invalidate his presidency? Haha.


Or, did people vote for him as a joke thinking Hillary would win by a landslide and their vote didn’t matter?


Or were people serious?




Whyyyyyyyyyy America, whyyyyyyy?


Por queeeeeeeee?


American Horror Story Season 7: Election starts January 2017.


I’m curious to see what he can/will actually do to the country and how much it will change. All I know is that it will never be the same.


What did you think about the results, or the presidential race in general? Who were you for, or who did you vote for? Comment below! This is a safe place for friendly debating and opinions! Also, remember to subscribe to be entered to win cool prizes each month! 

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2 thoughts on “American Horror Story Season 7: Elections”

  1. You said everything I am thinking… almost to the letter.

    I am ashamed of this country. I feel like I need to apologize to my daughters for the mess we are handing them.

    “So sorry, honey, if you were white, male, entitled, and your daddy had a million dollars to loan you… maybe you could make your dreams come true, but unfortunately, that isn’t how the world works.”

    Suddenly I just heard the words to “Fancy” by Reba McEntire in my head.

    My sister says we shouldn’t worry, that there are ‘checks and balances’ in place. Hah.

    This guy is going to make George W. look like a freaking saint.

    Good job GOP republicans. Good job. Bravo. Now, disband. Please, for the love of all that is good in the world. Cut ties with that prick.

    Oh, I guess you didn’t say everything in my head. lol. sorry!

    Liked by 1 person

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