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Thanksgiving is the Middle Child of Holidays

It’s November 6th, and my heart feels the pain Thanksgiving endures. It is like Thanksgiving is Voldemort, a holiday that must not be named, or acknowledged.

Like the slurred talker/rapper Birman said: “put some respeck” on Thanksgiving’s name and holiday status. Haha. Seriously though. It should be valued just like Christmas or Halloween with a plethora of memes, decorations, cookbooks, flights, sales, and more…


If you have a religious background and do not celebrate holidays, this does not apply to you…


Are people so obsessed with getting presents around Christmas instead of giving thanks on Thanksgiving that they just disregard its holiday status?

Where are the turkey decorations? Where are the Thanksgiving memes? Where’s the November music? Where’s the holiday’s existence in our stores, social medias, and homes?

I was in Target a few after Halloween to look at the discounted candy, and they have already pushed the rest of the Halloween stuff into a dark corner in the back of their holiday section.


Now in the front of the holiday shelves is ornaments, christmas trees, colorful lights, stockings, blow up Santas, lit reindeers, and candy canes.


It’s barely November and their Christmas stuff is already out!


Did we forget there is a holiday in November? Hellooooo! Thanksgiving!


There’s memes circulating around that says “I start playing my christmas music the day after halloween”.

The day after halloween is November 1st, which is the month of THANKSGIVING.


Thanksgiving like I said is Voldemort, but it’s not scary or dark or evil, so it’s more like a middle child. An invisible, neglected, middle child.


So, why do we ignore Turkey Day?

Is it because it stemmed from an interaction between pilgrims and Native Americans?

It is because we are ready for the Christmas tamales instead of the Thanksgiving turkey?

Is it because we aren’t a thankful species?

It is because the typical holiday colors are orange and brown?

Is it because pants bust and weight is gain sometimes?

What is it?


Thanksgiving isn’t even my favorite holiday in the twelve months. My favorite is Halloween, then Christmas, then Thanksgiving. But, I have been noticing its neglect and I feel bad for it. lol.


I don’t even like turkey, but I still appreciate Thanksgiving!


We need to start showing the holiday some love. Thanksgiving is a holiday about unity, peace, love, positivity, and a plethora of thanks. It’s also a day for families to come together.


I am in college in San Francisco, and my family is in Phoenix, Arizona.

Thanksgiving is a holiday I get to travel home and be with my family for a few days. I get a small break from school and get to be with those I love the most.

If there was no Thanksgiving, we’d have two extra days of school and less opportunities to travel home to see our families.

Plus, we’d forget to ever acknowledge everything we are thankful for. We should everyday, but who remembers to think about it until Thanksgiving comes around?

So, be THANKFUL for THANKSGIVING, and love and acknowledge its day because you know when that Thursday comes you’re going to be posting all your food, outfits, and sappy yearly grateful posts online!


Amie, the Thanksgiving Advocate. Haha.



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10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving is the Middle Child of Holidays”

  1. You are so right about this! I guess maybe Halloween and Christmas are more “fun” to decorate for so it gets pushed aside in stores? Not sure, but definitely the middle child of the holidays!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t like to watch the movies without reading the book first, and the books are thick to just take on, so I haven’t yet. Haha. Now I feel like it’s too late. It’s over. Haha.


  2. Totally agree! Thanksgiving is far more meaningful… just not as marketable. (Which I am secretly okay with!) As long as they leave it on the calendar and give us time off from school/work for it… I’m good.

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