Every Sunday, I will be posting the top ten songs I could not stop playing all week. Some songs may be on for more than one week because they’re that good. Haha. They also vary in genre, era, and more. And, yes, I love my musical versatility. Haha. I can be listening to Imagine by John Lennon then jump to Alright by Logic. Hope you enjoy these songs! Video links (which I do not own) are included! And, there’s no explanation, just listen and see why I love them for yourself!

  1. Jealous- Labrinth

2. City of Stars- Logic

3. Oh My Love- John Lennon

4. All Night Long- Lionel Richie

5. My  Sweet Lord- George Harrison

6. In the Name of Love- Bebe Rexha and Martin Garrix

7. Army of One- Coldplay

8. Alone- Marshmello

9. You You You You- The 6ths

10. Ruin- Shawn Mendes


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