A Day In My Life

A Major Epiphany

I used to think it was insane how people could be undecided about their majors, or make abrupt stops and changes in their college and career paths, but now I understand. I have gotten a taste of that realization. I have been enduring a semester-long epiphany.

Through internships, classes, work experience, blogging/writing and reading I have been able to pinpoint exactly what it is I love most and want to do after college. So, I have made slight changes to my degree plans.


I am a junior in college this year. I am graduating next year, I cannot believe it. I have been getting more career experience and it has been altering my views and desires. I don’t want to teach kids anymore. I want to teach middle school children English.

I am good at other subjects, but I am not confident in my ability to do other subjects, especially math. And, it’s ALWAYS math kids need help with.


I am a tutor and every time the kids have a question, it’s a math question. I haven’t done math since freshman year, so I have to go deep into my storage boxes of information in my brain and pull out these concepts to teach them.


In a teacher program, they teach you HOW to teach. They do not teach you the CONTEXT or WHAT you are teaching. So, I do not want to deal with that.


I am confident in my English skills and writing skills to be an English teacher. I love English, it is my major after all.


I was afraid my advisor wouldn’t permit me switching from doing multiple subject (k-5 teaching all subjects) to doing single subject (6-12 doing only one subject), but she actually encouraged me to make the change if it’s really what I want to do.
It is really what I want to do, because I am so obsessed with English that it’s all I want to teach and spend my time around in the classroom. I don’t want to deal with the other subjects. Haha.


Changing to single subject hurled up a spanish requirement of the school that was waived when I was a multiple subject track teacher candidate. So, that adds three classes to my schedule that already does not have room for one of my minor classes in journalism.

So we began thinking of ways to fit everything into my overflowing schedule, then my dual degree advisor, she joked and said “if only you were a writing emphasis english major ha!” because there’s probably a writing class that would be able to “double dip” for both a journalism class and english class. I was like actually, I thought about it but thought it was too late to change my emphasis.


It actually is not too late. All the classes I have taken were for both literature and writing emphasis, and this semester I am in a writing class so technically I am further in the writing track than in the literature track anyway.


So, I have switched from a literature emphasis English degree to a writing emphasis because I love being able to focus on my creative writing instead of writing bland academic essays.


But I am also still doing my minor in journalism. Haha. Even though it is not fitting into my schedule because it’s so packed, I’ll find a way. Even if it means a summer class.


I have always been the type of student to take on too much and to do too much, but I always come out victorious in the end, so I am not afraid of having such a heavy load.


I am sure I will have to take two Spanish classes this summer because of the unexpected add to my course load, but I will easily conquer them and continue on my journey to my bachelor’s.


So yeah, I have gone through major changes this semester, but it’s been enlightening. Luckily it’s not such a drastic change that I am starting from scratch. I will graduate on time next year with an English degree in writing, a minor in journalism, and then continuing on after my bachelor’s to get my Master’s in Education in a year.


Can’t believe I graduate next year!


Thanks for reading! Sorry for that mouth full, but that’s how my semester has been-full. Haha. Have you ever went through any large changes? Tell me about them in the comments below! And remember to subscribe to be entered to win cool prizes every month! 

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