Memory Lane

Home is Where the Heart is Divided

This week’s photo challenge said to post a picture of where our heart is and what local means to us. Well, locality and heart possession belongs to two different places- my hometown Arizona and my current town San Francisco.

I moved to San Francisco just two years ago for college, and it has quickly become a rare,cool, windy, and beautiful home to me. But, the cactus and sun-encompassed Arizona will always be a home too with all of my memories and people that I love.


So yes, home is where the heart is divided for me. Because I am incapable of choosing one over the other. One may seem more beautiful or ideal to you, but they both are special to me in distinct ways.

Arizona represents the past that I sometimes visit.


San Francisco represents the present that I currently live in and roam through.

2016-08-23 10.24.28imageimagecropped-mkt.jpgimage

They both embody my identity and who I am. Each place.


The thing that makes them both homes for me is how I exist and live in both of them. I exist freely, happily, creatively, and uniquely in both of them.

Also how I feel in both. I feel loved within both of these places.

I think the common ground between the two places is the traveling from one to the other. It’s always a journey whether I take plane, train, or bus. The views are always amazing. So, in a way, traveling is a third home to me because it has become a constant since moving away from home. I stay in motion, floating between the boundaries of the two.


So, although San Francisco is my current home, and I have decided to stay here after college, Arizona will always be a home for me as well no matter what.

Who says home has to be singular? Home is where the heart is, and in my case, my heart is in two places. Well, almost three if you include the traveling. Ha.

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6 thoughts on “Home is Where the Heart is Divided”

  1. I’ve been to Phoenix a couple of times and loved it. That stadium is amazing…we played in the Fiesta Bowl a couple of years ago. I was in San Fran last year for a conference, and had such a great time! I could walk around that city for days.

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    1. Yeah! This summer was actually my first time being at the Cardinals stadium, even though I lived there for eighteen years, haha. We went for their football camp.

      And yeah! San Francisco is great! I can never walk back in Arizona but I’m always walking somewhere, everywhere, here in the city.

      It’s so awesome you’ve been to both. Thanks for sharing!


      1. San Franciso is a very very nice place to visit if I could live there I would but it is very expensive to live there so I enjoy visiting.

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