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Why is Donald Trump and Josh Duggar’s Sexual Sin Excused?

Clay Christians are the Christians I am talking about in this post. I define Clay Christians as those who treat the religion as a ball of clay that’s their toy to mold and shape how they want for their benefit. Clay Christians are usually filled with personal and internal hate, so they mold Christianity to be hate-driven by showing an excerpt or two from the bible, but ignoring all the countering passages… 


I saw a meme on Facebook that said there are Christians supporting Donald Trump even after all of the bile that he’s spewed over the past months and in recent debates. They are still supporting this disgusting monster, yet some of them are the same ones who protest in front of clinics to stop abortion, or in front of gay pride parades screaming at everyone that they’re going to hell for loving who they love.


Why are they able to accept Trump’s nasty ways, but unable to accept things like the LGBT community, or personal choices? That is because they are crooked Christians. They only spew out religion when it fits their agenda.

Since the beginning of time, Christians have molded and folded their religion to fit their own personal, usually corrupt agendas.

It goes back as far as the Crusades. These people went around filling streets with blood. Their reason was their religion. They were converting people or killing people, and if you were not on board, it was a bloody battle.


So, it’s not just recently religion has become a justification for inappropriate behavior, it sprouted centuries ago. Inhumane behavior has been excused since the beginning of time by some religious people.


By the way, being excused is different from being forgiven to me. Excusing something means just giving a pat on the shoulder and going on about the day like injustice did not happen to someone. Forgiveness to me is that you acknowledge what they did was terrible, there’s some consequence, trial, or talk, then they are forgiven.


But, it seems clay christians just excuse the behavior of some people, like Trump and Duggar, and never forgive others like the LGBT community.

And, it really annoys me that they pretend to be holy and mighty, but they are just as sinful as other people.


Your religion did not tell you to hate people, and your religion did not tell you to kill people.


The worst Christians are the Duggars that were/are on TLC on 19 Kids and Counting. They were against same-sex relationships, yet their oldest son was molesting little girls.

Obviously, they forgave him because their religion is encompassed with forgiveness, but they are not forgiving.


The thing is though, they knew about the molestations and tried to sweep it under their carpet.


You have the audacity to be against someone having no control over who they love, but you just brush off the fact that one of your sons had been molesting little girls including some of your daughters?

Plus, there’s been recent news that he was involved in a cheating scandal and he is married with kids.

Want to know what they did with the situation? Began to justify it with the forgiveness aspect of their religion. He begged for forgiveness, said it was in his past, and the community left him alone.


Even the network, TLC, was okay with his actions, for it took them a while to take the show off the air. But, what doesn’t sit well with me is that they were given ANOTHER show!


This show is about all of the kids, minus the parents who knew about the abuse and hid it, but it’s still the same show and the same hateful family. And, I just have a feeling the parents will show up here and there, but I’m not going to watch it to find out.


Why is this family still on television? After their show was cancelled, that should have been the end of their television show. Changing the name and the motif of the show does not change the family or its context.


It’s like the oppression of women is okay for these crooked Christians, because both with Trump and the Duggar son they both have assault on their shoulders and they have been forgiven, or not even scorned in the first place!


Women have been abused, physically and verbally, by these men and it’s simply excused by the community like it’s not an issue.


I guess women are inferior objects to some Christians, especially with Trump and the Duggars, who all grow up to get married, cook, and push out babies like it’s the 20th century still.


I don’t get why some Christians spew out such hate and abuse, but they accept the most sinful people and beliefs into their community.


I get why they accept Trump and Josh Duggar though-they’re white men.


Don’t say it has nothing to do with race, because it has everything to do with race.


White men are the earthly gods in some Christian communities. Maybe it’s because there’s this white male depiction of God that causes them to be this way.  It’s probably also why sexual assault and other forms of oppression to women is not a big deal.


But, imagine if Barack Obama was caught saying the things Trump or Josh Duggar did, would Christians still accept him?


Actually, did they even accept him in the first place? The ones supporting Trump are probably the ones in the comments on social media calling Obama a monkey, or Michelle a gorilla, or just shooting verbal assault at them.


It’s because of race. Trust me.


It’s because these types of Christians are racist, sexist, and homophobic and use their religion to justify that. Heck, they might have even became religious just to have some valid (invalid) excuse to hate who they hate.


This religion isn’t supposed to be about hate though. It’s supposed to be about love, compassion, care, and forgiveness.


There’s no room for sexual assault, molestation, racism, sexism, homophobia, or other -isms.


With those Christians where this does exist, they are not real Christians. They are clay christians, who fondle with the religion like it’s a ball of clay and mold it/shape it into what they want it to be.


*If you’re not one of those corrupt christians, this does not apply to you. However, comment and let me know what you think: about Trump, Josh Duggar, women in Christianity, or other ideas.

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