ANNOUNCEMENT: Amie’s Awards-Enter to Win!

I am holding my first contest on my blog! The first Saturday of every other month, I will be doing Amie’s Awards, where you lovely people get the chance to win a prize!


THIS MONTH the contest is subscribing to my blog via e-mail to enter the raffle to win a $15 GIFT CARD TO TARGET!  Those who have already subscribed are already eligible and placed into the raffle as well.

The contest will last for two weeks, then the raffle will take place on my Facebook page.


So, be sure to subscribe! Find the subscription box to the right of your screen if you are on a computer, or scroll down to the bottom of the site if you are on a mobile device.


E-mail subscription is painless, easy, and free! You also get first access to my blog posts when subscribing via email. Plus, you will only receive emails once when I post to my blog, which is Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.



Instructions to subscribe:


  1. Enter your email address into the box and hit follow under. It is free, painless, and easy.
  2. Go to your email account and click the email from WordPress confirming your subscription.
  3. After completing those steps, you are now subscribed and entered into the raffle!


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