100 Facts About Me 

In honor of reaching a hundred posts on my blog, I decided to write a hundred facts about me. Hope you enjoy them, I am a very unique and weird being, so you may enjoy them and find them entertaining. Haha.
1. I love houses with red doors.
2. I live in San Francisco, California.
3. I am the youngest of five kids.
4. I have been in love with Justin Bieber since the 8th grade.
5. I also became obsessed with John Lennon in the 8th grade.
6. I am a major bookworm.
7. I am terrified of ketchup. The smell, the sight, all of it.  Which is actually a real phobia called Mortuusequusphobia. (And no, I’m not scared because it resembles blood. I just am).
8. It freaks me out when people stare in a daze.
9. I hate ghost stories.
10. Hot Cheetos are my favorite chips.
11. Oreos are my favorite cookies.
12. I never wear matching socks.
13. I am a peace lover.
14. However, I love Grand Theft Auto. It’s my favorite video game.
15. I refuse to watch a movie based off of a book before I’ve read the book.
16. I’ve never worn make up or nail polish before.
17. Popping pimples grosses me out, but I can see someone get their head chopped off in a movie.
18. One of my front teeth are fake.
19. I’m an English major.
20. I’m a journalism minor.
21. I am also in school to become a teacher.
22. I hate things popping out on me.
23. I hate not knowing things. I try to be as omniscient as possible.
24.  I own over twenty pairs of sunglasses.
25. I love singing even though I suck.
26. The sixties is my favorite era (minus all of the racial tension and issues).
27. The nineties is my other favorite era in history.
28. My vein is shaped like a pitch fork on my right arm. (maybe I’m a spawn of Satan 😳 lol jk)
29. I like my eggs over-easy.
30. I don’t have a SnapChat.
31. I’ve never broken a bone. (Only bruised a shin)
32. I love accents.
33. I love Mexican food.
34. I want to travel to Prague to see the John Lennon wall.
35. I’m from Arizona, but I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon. (I’m a terrible native. Haha.)
36. I hate when people look at the camera when I’m watching reality shows.
37. I love creating narratives for extra characters when I’m watching movies or tv shows.
38. I hate commercials. (Well, I can manage them on television but not when watching something on my phone).
39. I hate vegans and vegetarians who shame meat-eaters.
40. I have two jobs. (Both as a tutor in SFUSD)
41. I am addicted to concerts. I’ve been to over ten.
42. Logic is my favorite rapper.
43. If I had to choose a favorite color, I’d choose pink.
44. I love wearing the color black.
45. I hate academic writing.
46. I love creative writing.
47. Poetry is my favorite genre of writing.
48. I love taking pictures, usually not of myself.
49. I love dogs. They’re my favorite animal.
50. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers.
51. I am addicted to Target. I go at least once or twice a week. It’s my favorite store.
52. If I could sing, I would perform in all talent shows.
53. I have never trimmed my eyebrows.
54. I love beans. Refried, baked, black, pinto, any and every kind.
55. I love chicken nuggets. (chicken nuggets, is like my family!)
56. I prefer Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe.
57. I am very analytical.
58. It’s hard for me to commit to a new television show.
59. I always wonder what animals are thinking.
60. I love funny videos. Especially hilarious animal voice-overs.
61. I hate shoes that go between my toes, so I do not own any or wear them.
62. Converse and Dr. Marten are my two favorite shoe brands.
63. I refuse to wear a band shirt if I don’t know/listen to that band.
64. I have to sleep with a fan on in front of me.
65. I want to learn to play the drums.
66. I like my fingernails as short as possible.
67. I have very vivid dreams that can be movies, and I always remember them.
68. I am nocturnal and a night owl.
69. I’m twenty but I still laugh at dirty jokes or words. Haha.
70. The joker is my favorite evil villain.
71. I love checkered floors in kitchens.
72. I try to cook as much as I can in the microwave.
73. I love non-traditional book stores or sales.
74. I don’t know how to drive yet.
75. I love roller-skating.
76. I hate pigeons. They startle me, and one crapped on me on picture day in elementary school.
77. I don’t care for chocolate too often if it doesn’t have nuts in it.
78. I prefer a cup of milk if I’m consuming peanut butter.
79. I love cereal.
80. I am weird about dishes. I prefer eating with paper plates/bowls and plastic utensils.
81. I love working with Washi tape.
82.  I sleep with a pillow pet pillow.
83. I’m not good with slang terms. (I still have no idea what FTW means)
84. I’m often a teacher’s pet or favorite. 😊
85. I don’t like hot sauce, but I love hot wings.
86. I don’t care for chicken in Mexican food.
87. Group work is annoying to me often.
88. I’m not a morning person.
89. I use too much hand sanitizer.
90. I’m an Aquarius. Born February 2nd. (Screw those new signs they’ve been talking about).
91. English is my favorite school subject.
92. History is my second favorite.
93. I’ve always wanted to ride on a seg way.
94. I’m waiting for Heely’s to make a Come back.
95. I listen to music everywhere. In the kitchen, the shower, on the toilet, getting ready, and so forth.
96. I get too involved in books, tv, and movies.
97. I love clearance racks and sales.
98. I love pineapple on pizza. (Pineapple and Sausage is my favorite combination.)
99. I hate cigarettes but I’m an advocate for the legalization of weed.
100. I’m Amie 😁

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