My Poetry

Mirror, Mirror (Reflections)

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Who’s the faceless figure standing dark and tall?


Is it me, is it my shadow, or is it you?

It’s just standing there still, and I don’t know what to do.


I can’t tell if this murky figure is frozen or just stuck.

Its eye-less face is staring at me, wonderstruck.


It’s encompassed by darkness, and the mirror’s dirt and grime.

But, I smile and it smiles back, so the figure must be fine.




(I love snapping pics of my reflection in random items around I pass by. The first is my reflection at the bus stop by my apartment, and the second is the reflection in a glass building at my school.The third is a reflection in a car window, and so is the fourth.)


****Shot on iPhone 6s







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