A Day In My Life, In the Crowd

A Sea of Love and Color: Head Full of Dreams Tour

Light up bands, love buttons, fireworks, large balloons, a sky full of stars, colorful confetti, a sandwich story, nostalgia, lots of love, and simply magic. Yes, they performed the song magic, but I mean the night was magic. It was so amazing!

Coldplay joined together twenty years ago in 1996. I was born twenty years ago in 1996. So, it was fate that I would fall in love with them and we would get together somewhere down the line. Last night, we came together when I saw them in concert. It was their last U.S. stop for their Head Full of Dreams Tour. And, they said they are retiring after this tour so our timing to meet somewhere down the twenty-year line couldn’t have been more perfect.


The show started at 7pm, but for me it started at 4pm. I left my apartment and headed to the bus stop for a long journey down to the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.


I had to take the 7 bus to the 47 bus and ride to the CalTrain. Then I had to get off the Caltrain in MountainView and transfer to the VTA lightrail which takes us to the stadium!

The commute to the concert was more hectic than the show. It was very crowded and stuffed. On the way home was even worse. They had special transportation for after the show, so there was one more CalTrain scheduled to head back to San Francisco.


People were running, squeezing themselves in non-existent spaces, and sitting on the floors to make it onto the CalTrain to get home.

I got lucky. After the concert, as soon as they said thank you I rushed up the stairs and got in line to wait for the light rail. There were so many people I didn’t make the first one, but the second I rushed and squeezed on. And, I got lucky because as soon as I was stepping on they declared the light rail full and shut the doors. Then I rode to the CalTrain and we headed home at 12:50.


Back to the motif of this post-Coldplay!


Bishop Briggs and Alessia Cara opened up for Coldplay, and they did an amazing job. They are both incredible singers. And, I loved that Alessia Cara ended with her song “Here” which was the start of it all for her.


I was in the merchandise line for most of the two opening acts, but the music boomed through the stadium, so I could still hear and enjoy it.


Coldplay came on at 9:00pm. The lights went dim (which is a sign of something at a concert) so everyone rose from their seats and began to cheer and clap. The bands (“XyloBands”) they gave us as we entered the stadium began to flicker, a range of colors, and then fireworks began to shoot into the air. They came out on the stage and the crowd went crazy.


It was such a large crowd and such a large stadium. It was an even larger space than when I saw Justin Bieber. That is because Coldplay is a phenomenal band who have been around for twenty years. There were so many different fans there, of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities.


But, even though this was the largest concert I have ever been to, it was the most intimate. There was lots of love booming through the stadium. Coldplay was so humble and sweet.


Chris Martin even told this funny story about when they were starting out. Him and the guitarist/co-founder of Coldplay Jonny Buckland had a crush on the same girl when they were in college. Chris said he invited her back to the house but Jonny won her over in the end when he made her a tuna sandwich. Haha. He said that led to Panic, which turned into “Don’t Panic” on their first album, so there was something good about that girl. It was such a simple tale, but such a golden one.


I also loved the incorporation of fans into the concert. We were not only given the Xylobands and love buttons, but there were moments where it was just us singing, or there were moments with a sea of the concert-goers shining on the screen. And, they did an Instagram song request.


You could just tell they love their fans and appreciate them. Some musicians just come to perform, but Coldplay did much more than that, and I appreciate that at a concert.


The effects at the show were also phenomenal. They had large balloons that were bouncing around the stadium. After a while though, you could see sitting balloons because people were grabbing them keeping them, probably as souvenirs. The fireworks were also amazing. They were bright and colorful shooting through the sky. The designs they had on the screen too were fantastic. They were psychedelic, colorful, and exhilarating. My favorite screen effects were the wings they had that make Chris Martin look like he had wings, and also the dancing monkeys were great. Haha.

But, my favorite effect of the entire concert was the sky full of stars during “A Sky Full of Stars”. This song was one of my favorites during the concert. Our colorful bands were flickering different colors to the beat of the song, and then little paper stars began to fall from the sky. It was magical. I even caught one and put it in my pocket.

I loved the diversity of the set. They have been around for so long that some of the songs they play bring back memories. Then, there’s also the new stuff. But I know when they played “Viva la Vida” my heart almost burst with excitement, because that was probably the first song I heard by them that made me a fan. “Clocks” also took me on a memory-filled emotional whirlwind. I also loved hearing “Magic”, which is a more current song by them and “Hymn for the Weekend”.


They ended the show with “Up and Up”. I didn’t want it to end. Now, I am suffering from a Coldplay concert withdrawal and keep re-watching all of my clips from the show.


Coldplay was the beginning of my Labor Day weekend, but they are the highlight of it.

I cannot believe they are retiring, but they have had a very inspiring, impactful, golden, and timeless twenty years. Besides The Beatles, they are my favorite band in the entire world. And, I am glad fate brought us together last night…


For a few small clips from the show, check out my Instagram: @givepeaceachance123


*If you want to see the Setlist from last night, here is the link:







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