A Day In My Life, Adventures of a Bookworm

Adventures of a Bookworm: The BIG Book Sale.

The annual big book sale has ended! I found so many great gems there. I ended up getting 23 books for only $45 bucks.   When I was younger, I used to go to Barnes and Noble every week my parents got paid and get a new book. Now that I'm older, I rarely go… Continue reading Adventures of a Bookworm: The BIG Book Sale.


100 Facts About Me 

In honor of reaching a hundred posts on my blog, I decided to write a hundred facts about me. Hope you enjoy them, I am a very unique and weird being, so you may enjoy them and find them entertaining. Haha. 1. I love houses with red doors. 2. I live in San Francisco, California.… Continue reading 100 Facts About Me 


From Raging with Rockstars to Running USF’S Rare Book Room

Before being in USF’s library swimming in a sea of 17,000 volumes of special collections-like family letters, manuscripts, diaries, and first editions -John Hawk was following rockstars’ limousines, going to concerts, spending his time at the record store, and being an active member of the Ten Club (Pearl Jam’s fan club).   “I remember seeing… Continue reading From Raging with Rockstars to Running USF’S Rare Book Room

My Poetry

I Threw Away My Favorite Shirt. 

I threw away my favorite shirt. And, it kind of hurt. But I couldn't wear it anymore. I couldn't walk around in denial of the red assault stain tattooed near the collar of the shirt. So, I threw my favorite shirt away. Because of a drunk idiot at a concert this summer. The carcass of… Continue reading I Threw Away My Favorite Shirt. 

My Poetry

Mingling Edges. 

I'm on the edge of glory... Not the Lady Gaga song, but the edge where two natural figures collide. The sand and the ocean... Where the water dances around your ankles and the sand crumbles like brown sugar. Sometimes the pair simply mix together, water and sand, and make wet sand, but sometimes they produce… Continue reading Mingling Edges. 

A Day In My Life, My Poetry

I Was Five… (Remembering 9/11)

I was five when I learned what terror was. It was the image of two tall buildings drowning in fire and debris, crumbling to the ground. I had just got off of school, still in my white and navy blue uniform, when I stood by my parents' door and watched the television weep as terror… Continue reading I Was Five… (Remembering 9/11)

My Poetry

Mirror, Mirror (Reflections)

Mirror, mirror on the wall... Who's the faceless figure standing dark and tall?   Is it me, is it my shadow, or is it you? It's just standing there still, and I don't know what to do.   I can't tell if this murky figure is frozen or just stuck. Its eye-less face is staring at me,… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror (Reflections)

A Day In My Life, In the Crowd

A Sea of Love and Color: Head Full of Dreams Tour

Light up bands, love buttons, fireworks, large balloons, a sky full of stars, colorful confetti, a sandwich story, nostalgia, lots of love, and simply magic. Yes, they performed the song magic, but I mean the night was magic. It was so amazing! Coldplay joined together twenty years ago in 1996. I was born twenty years… Continue reading A Sea of Love and Color: Head Full of Dreams Tour