A Day In My Life

Western Expedition 

Western Expedition at the Westfield.

I come to the Westfield Shopping Centre often.
It’s on Market Street in San Francisco, one of my favorite streets in the city (my other is Haight).
There’s so much to explore. It’s like going on an expedition with many sights to see.
I never grab a map though. I like to just roam every piece of the land.
It can devour your money if you let it, but it’s a treasure that’s not hidden.
There’s escalators to get you to each floor.
There’s food, clothes, shoes, name brands, and more.
I like to go to the top and look down.
So much different activity is going on on each floor.
Walking, shopping, gazing, sitting…
It’s such a busy, yet harmonic space.

It’s  such a large, diverse, and heavenly place…


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