A Day In My Life

A 7×7 Rare Gem

Something  that is rare to me is the city I live in. You don’t just discover or stumble upon a place like this every day of your life. So many people from all over the world visit here and so many people from all over the world live here, and that is because it is a rare gem. San Francisco had been a perfect mystery for me from eighth grade up until a few years ago when I decided to move here for college at the University of San Francisco. It is such a diamond I want to even stay here after college (if the inflated rent doesn’t devour me).

My my parents just drove me home since summer is over and school starts tomorrow. Before preparing for junior year I spent a few days playing tour guide around the city. I love bringing my parents down to my apartment and showing them the city. And, they get to see something different every time. This trip I took them to Baker Beach, Chinatown, the Ghirardelli Facotry, a few famous houses, the Piers, Market Street shopping, the Bay Bridge, through the Mission district, and through the Castro district.

So, for today’s photo challenge of something rare I’m showing the pictures from my few days with my parents and sister in a golden and rare city. Enjoy! (Shot on an iPhone 6s 😁)


And that concludes today’s post! Hope the pictures made you feel like you toured the city!

Have ft you been to San Francisco? If so, how did you like it and what was your favorite place? If not, why not, and do you want to visit it?

Thanks for reading! 💜


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