A Day In My Life

Road Trip

Arrived to my other home, San Francisco, earlier. Excited to embark on my third year of my college journey and my San Francisco journey. I had a great summer in my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona with my loved ones, but at three this morning my parents, sister, and I drove down to the city by the bay. I am at my second home.


Back home…


Back to crowded public transportation.
Back to spur of the moment trips to the beach.
Back to strolling down Market Street and Haight Street every day.
Back to sitting in desks watering my brain with knowledge.
Back to my little workspace, tutoring students essentials on my little white board.

Back to cold weather and misty fog.
Back to beanies and boots.
Back to a thousand hills.
Back to heavenly cuisines and yummy desserts.
Back to unique events and a plethora of fun.

Back to long lines and elbow to elbow crowds.
Back to dogs wagging their tails in every place humans occupy.
Back to my other home-the city.

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