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21 Questions 

1. Would the world be able to function properly if everything in the world was free?


2. Did Kurt Cobain really commit suicide, or was it murder?


3. Is sex an invention, or discovery?



4. What specific factor produced black inferiority?



5. Why are athletes and other stars paid so much?



6. Moreover, why are teachers paid so little?



7. What if teachers were paid with contracts by their greatness and skill like athletes, what eould happen?


8. In death, do we sleep forever? Do we eternally live in a heaven or hell? Or do we go through reincarnation each death like a video game?


9. Why were women and men created so unequal? Why don’t men have to endure periods, pregnancy, and other pressures?


10. Why does school have to start so early?


11. Why were the human bodies made so detailed and complex?


12. Why don’t reporters give athletes a break, to catch their breath, after competing before interviewing them?


13. What exactly is gluten?


14. What does it take to find a cure for cancer?


15. Why does death have to be part of the life experience?


16. Is death a form of punishment or a form or freedom?


17. What if we lived forever?


18. Which hurts more, being stabbed or being shot?


19. Why are mothers always competing with each other?


20. What will happen to the country if Donald Trump becomes president?


21. What’s stopping the country from making marijuana legal?

The Poetry of List-Making

4 thoughts on “21 Questions ”

  1. 1. No because people are greedy. I would find a way to justify owning endless amounts of crayons.
    2. Murdered.
    3. Discovery.
    4. The government
    5. Who cares about reading when you can throw a ball?
    6. Who cares bout reading when you can throw a ball?
    7. Teachers would probably put their all int he curriculum and not follow what the state says.
    8. I don’t know. When in doubt pick c.
    9. So women can stay home while men work.
    10. To systematically train us to wake up at 6 am.
    11. To kill us in many ways.
    12. They want to feel their sweat and hope to gain at least a fraction of their pay.
    13. Something that’s in pizza.
    14. A couple million dollars.
    15. To make room for the others.
    16. Freedom.
    17. Do bills live forever too?
    18. I heard depending on where you get shot it could feel like you’re drowning. As someone who almost drowned I would probably want to get shot.
    19. Why are women* always competing with each other?
    20. All the minorities are going “back where they came from” guess they kept records from the slave trade.
    21. Drug dealers who don’t want to go legit.

    I loved these questions. They were so thought provoking. Not sure if you intended for them to be answered, but I couldn’t resist! Awesome post.

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      1. And to answer your questions:

        Bills would eventually go away, you would have the time to pay them off I would think. Or the time to accumulate enough money to where bills aren’t an issue.

        And I think it’s society that competes with each other, men and women. I guess it’s human instinct-competition.


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