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Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

Drake was looking for revenge all summer ’16, but I was looking for adventure, new experiences, fun, family time, and relaxation… Summer 2016 has been filled with so much essence, but it feels like it has gone by so rapidly. I had a great summer home in Arizona with my family. So, in response to this week’s photo challenge, I will be posting a plethora of pictures, for each thing I did this summer. Enjoy! Hope your summer has been eventful and memorable as well!

img_4994Before heading home for the Summer, I was lucky enough to get tickets to the sold-out re-opening day of the San Francisco MOMA. It was seven floors of bliss and beauty. I love looking at art and analyzing it like a piece of literature.


When I got home (Arizona) I got to see my nephew graduate from eighth grade. Last week he started his high school academic journey. So excited for him to learn and grow through these four years! I was glad I ended school before his graduation and was able to travel back in time to make it.


After seeing my nephew graduate we celebrated with a graduation party. By the way, this is Hawaiian punch, I just set it up in a fancy way. Ha.


I pulled out my skates and reunited with the rink as well. It was only once this visit home, but will suffice because just those few hours rolling around the round rink was enough to take me back to when we would be roller-skating every weekend.


I got to see my nephew dip his toes in high school basketball for the high school summer league. He was an incoming freshman playing on Varsity. And, he played so skilled and confidently.

We have lots of game nights, this was probably the first game night of the summer. This particular game night consisted of Taboo, Connect Four, Twister, Letter Rip, and there was an extra television brought in for Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2k.


There was also lots of staying cool this summer since Arizona is such a fiery and hot state. This day we had a water balloon fight in the backyard. But, the water balloons were malfunctioning and would not pop unless you threw it hard, and obviously we weren’t going to throw it hard at the kids, so we had a pop the balloon with your fingers and let it drizzle onto everyone fight.


There was lots of staying wet and cool like I said. I especially made sure my niece and nephew beat the heat. When I would babysit I would pull their pool out. It was so hot this day, my brother even got in. And then the dog got in. Haha.

I also spent a little time baking and cooking for my family. This cake I made for my mom’s birthday. I love tie-dye and I was glad the cake came out tie-dye like the box promises.

And this was the finished tie-dye cake. It came out looking great and tasting great.


We love to travel places in the summer, so for my mother’s birthday we went to Laughlin, Nevada.

img_4998And, in Laughlin, I rode on a boat for the first time. It wasn’t bad either. I am so used to horror movies, and a little cautious because of the ancient Titanic, that I always feel like a creepy water creature is going to come up and swallow me whole, or something is going to happen to the boat and I am going to have to swim in a body of water amongst the water animals. But, this was just a river so I felt safe and the ride was actually fun. Next, I will have to go on a cruise.


My sister and I went to Mission Beach in San Diego and spent the day there. We took blankets, towels, and snacks and lounged at the beach all day. Then we took home with us seashells and memories.


One of my favorite moments from the summer was going to the Endless Summer Tour! It was G-Eazy, Logic, YG, and Yo Gotti. I was in the pit, and I was singing and dancing and having a great time. I have even become a YG fan after this tour.

img_5002For Fourth of July we went to the park that had lots of free and fun festivities and fireworks at the end of the night.

My family and I took another trip. This time we went to Los Angeles or somewhere in that region. There are so many cities they blend and clash and confuse me. Ha.

img_5005-1The day we arrived, we went to Huntington Beach and spent a few hours there. I live near the beach in San Francisco, but the beaches are not the same because of the cold weather. So I love coming to beaches in Southern California and soaking up sun and water.

img_5004The second day, the main purpose of the trip, we went to Knott’s Berry Farm. It brought back memories of when we went when I was a little girl. I was especially strolled down memory lane when my nephew rode the tiny version of the supreme scream like I did when I was about five or six.

Before heading home, we stopped by the beach one more time because none of us could get enough. It was a great weekend trip with family.


I also spent a lot of the summer babysitting my niece and nephew. Although they are a piece of work, I enjoy spending time with them when I am in town. We always have fun together. By the way, they asked me to take this picture of them by their wagon. Haha. It is hard to believe they are one and three.


And more fun in the water in the sun of course. I love swimming, this is actually the only time I have been in the water though this summer besides the beach. This was taken at my nephew’s pool party.


I went to the Cardinals Training Camp with my sister and brother-in-law. We waited in line in the scorching sun for an hour, but it was nice seeing my home team practice from great seats.


And like I said, we game hard in my family. Board games, video games, computer games… We are competitive and have spent so many nights of summer playing Trouble, Uno, or other games.


Speaking of video games, I spent a chunk of summer playing Grand Theft Auto 5. I actually finished the game a few weeks ago. For those who play, I decided to kill Trevor. It is ironic because I am a peace lover, but I love playing GTA. But, after killing Trevor, the peace lover in me began to come out. I felt bad for killing one of the characters I played as. I also found out the Deathwish option meant to save all three of your characters, so Sunday I started a new game of GTA 5 and this time I am choosing Deathwish. But, I only have a week left home with my brother’s Xbox, so we will see how far I get. I have ten percent done already!


I went to the movies the other day to see Suicide Squad. I personally liked it a lot. I don’t know if I loved it, but I liked it strongly. I love Leto’s modern spin on the Joker. He wasn’t part of the Suicide Squad, but he will always favorite villain. I loved each and every personality and character of the Suicide Squad as well. Some people say it sucked or was weak, but I would probably see it again.


And last but not least, of course I spent lots of time blogging and writing, my favorite leisure activity. My blog has been doing great too. I recently celebrated my one-year blogiversary and I am looking forward to an exciting second year.


So, that has been my summer! It has been a FANTASTIC summer with my family. I love being able to come home and spend time with them.  In just five days I will be heading back to San Francisco to begin my third year of my college journey.

How was your Summer? 🙂


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