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12 Things I Enjoyed My First Year of My Blog. 

Happy one-year blogiversary to me! Thanks for reading! Can’t believe my one-year blogiversary is today. It has been a great year. I’m glad last summer I finally decided to take a chance and put myself and my writing out there. It’s been a wonderful journey so far, and here’s twelve (for twelve months in a year)  of my favorite moments of this journey:

1. Giving myself a voice and finding my voice, which is crucial as an often voiceless, censored, or muted double-minority.

2. All of the positive reactions I received from everyone on my blog and page.

3. The support of friends and family, and also the support of all of the writers who were once strangers on WordPress or social media.

4. Learning about myself/ finding myself while also finding out about others and other things and subjects.

5. Finishing my first big writing project, my novelette “Confessions of a Catholic”.

6. Putting myself out there even though I used to be shy and also insecure about my writing .

7. Seeing others genuinely enjoying my writing and actually reading it and leaving great comments.

8. Spending more time doing what I love- writing!

9. Improving my writing by reading, editing, and putting out the best quality for readers.

10. Learning about management of time, a business, and of writing.

11. Getting my own domain/website which makes me feel more professional and makes this feel more real.

12. Remaining consistent in posting no matter what, for I am devoted to my blog and my readers.

The Poetry of List-Making

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