A Day In My Life

Wake Me Up When the Morning Ends.

Today my morning started at 11:30am. This is a time I would wake up and start my day if I lived in my utopia. I was waken by a dust storm and a bit of rain. I usually hate mornings, but I love rain, so I stood outside in the backyard with our dogs for a little bit and listened to the roaring wind, the confetti-like dust, and the dancing rain tap dancing on the grass. This was my morning today. This is not my usual morning. Morning is never beautiful for me. Haha. I am actually not a fan of the word morning, for I am not a morning person, and I haven’t been all my life.




My typical morning, I wake up with drool on my face and arm, my hair is like The Weeknd’s, and I am hitting snooze until I have to jump out of bed and speed to the shower to get ready and start my day. I despise mornings. We have had a very long and ancient rivalry.


I am also not a sun person. I am like an owl mixed with a vampire. I love being out at night, sometimes I don’t like going out in the sun. I feel like I am going to burn and turn to dust. Maybe I am mixed with vampire or was bitten once and don’t remember.


But, with adulthood the bad thing is that we can choose our bedtime, but we often cannot choose what time our alarms should go off. And, I usually go to bed late. I don’t know what it is, my mind just starts wandering when I try to go to sleep. But on the bright side, they say creatives and geniuses tend to go to bed late. So, I found great justification to tell my mom for my abnormal sleeping pattern.


It is ironic because I don’t care for waking up early, but I am going to be a teacher. But, I guess once I’m out of college and just teaching, I will be able to get myself to go to sleep at an appropriate time.


Speaking of getting myself to sleep appropriate time, I will have to do that this upcoming semester. For the first semester out of the four I have completed, I will have morning classes. The beautiful thing about college is choosing your own schedule, but being in a dual-degree program makes my classes part ownership with my advisors. I will have classes at 9am, and two on Saturday at 9am. I thought I abandoned morning schooling in high school. I will have to endure it again though. Life is about endurance and survival. I have to endure theses to survive and to strive.


I work at 9am, but I catch the bus and sit in the tutoring room all day. But starting classes at 9am and being done at 12pm is going to be such a new experience. I am used to late classes starting at 4:30pm and getting out at 8:30pm.


Having 9am classes and being done at 12pm will be a whole new world for me. There will be so much to see, so much more to do, and more time for myself.


But, having morning classes and work in the morning does not make me a morning person. I am just a person up in the morning.


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