Memory Lane, My Poetry

Summers in Arizona

Going through a twenty-pound bag of ice in three days.


Cooking eggs and steak in a pan in the street, or baking cookies in the car dashboard.


Packing into public pools and splash pads like a can of sardines.


Dropping the air conditioner down to 74 degrees.


Driving down to California for the beaches and degree difference.


Wearing a plethora of sunscreen, sunglasses, shorts, and sandals.


Having peculiar and unplanned tan lines marked all over your body.


Stepping back into your house with beads of sweat and bumps from heat rash.


Keeping gallons of ice cream and Popsicles stocked in the freezer.


Enduring the wrath of the sun in every piece of the state you meet.


But embracing it summer after summer, for Arizona has the weather of hell, but the greatness of heaven.

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