How I Found Love

I have never really been in love, only with writing. But, almost a year ago I found out the definition of love. Love is such a fluid word, that can mean different things for each individual, but I think all of our definitions of the four-letter word meet somewhere down the road.


Anyways, when I created my blog, I figured out what love is. I found love in all of my supporters and readers. Being in college, in classes with people with the same major as me, I have realized we connect best with those we share passions with.


This connection I’ve found with every reader on my blog. When I first started my blog, I wrote about finally going public with my writing after much contemplation and I received so much support and positivity from the WordPress community.


None of my friends, or much of my family, is on my blog. And that is okay, for writing or reading my writing may not be their cup of tea. That is okay because I have found love and comfort in this community.


I have been given great advice, I have been told heartwarming stories, I have had my writing praised, and I simply feel like a part of this community.


I am in love with every single supporter on my blog. I don’t mean romantically, but I admire and appreciate every person on my blog.


And I feel like the community loves me back…

Love on WordPress means supporting each other’s passions, uplifting each other, baring our souls to one another, and simply connecting with a bunch of others who enjoy writing.


I couldn’t do this without the community. Like Justin Bieber says, you give me purpose (as a writer).


When I first started, I posted my first post titled “Freaking Finally”, where I talked about finally creating a blog and putting my writing out there. I was not sure what would happen with my blog,  but I received so many welcome comments and lovely people sharing their writing journeys with me, and I knew this would become a home for me.


In just a week, it will be one-year in this community, and it feels phenomenal. I couldn’t have picked a better place to share my writing with the world.


So to everyone on my blog, thank you for the LOVE and support! My writing journey would be impossible without you all!


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