Memory Lane, Short Stories

Dogs Really Party (Fourth Grade Me)

When I saw the trailer for the Secret Life of Pets, it took me on a train down memory lane. I had started to think about a similar type of story I wrote in fourth grade. I dug through my parents box of our accomplishments and school stuff and I finally found the story i thought was shreds of junk somewhere in the world… I have always been interested in what animals do when we are not around, and in fourth grade I turned one of the possibilities into a scenario. Mine is more of a world full of dogs though, where they talk and humans don’t exist. I titled the short story “Dogs Really Party”, and it was even complete with illustrations by my best friend at the time. This was a class project to create a story with a partner. I did the writing, and she did the illustrations. I am transcribing this exactly as it was written when I was in the fourth grade, so excuse the mistakes and simply enjoy a cute and fun story. Pictures of the original short story with its original writing and illustrations are included below!




(This story takes places in a dog world. Where we begin, the dogs are having a big birthday celebration for Arianna. There are even appearances from a few celebrities throughout the story. See if you can spot them!)

Once upon a time, there was a group of dogs having a party. Then the cats came eating the dog treats. The dogs said go home! The cats said meow, we won’t go. So they didn’t leave.


Then the dogs got really mad at the cats. The dogs tried to ignore the cats, but it didn’t work. The dogs got very mad. They began to chase the cats.


Then Snoop Doggy Dog came. He said yo, be nice or you’ll be hound dogs and cats. He is a nice dog. He wore a green cape with shades and had boots with gold teeth. He was gone in a wink.


The dogs couldn’t believe they met Snoop Doggy Dog. When he left, they were sad they didn’t get an autograph. Then the cats started a catfight. It turned from yelling to violence.


The cat scratched the dogs. The dogs got mad and bit them. It hurt because the cats got bit in the leg. Officer Ruffey came and broke it up. They got threw into the pound.


All the dogs and cats were upset they got put into the pound, so they began to cry. But the officer Ruffey wouldn’t let them out of the pound. Officer Ruffey got mad at them and said be quiet big babies! So they got quieter than a mouse sleeping.


They were only in the pound for two minutes. The animals were mad. Then they saw Roofey Goldberg. She was in the jail for beating up the camera people. Then she got out and they invited her to the party. She gave Arianna a year supply of dog treats. She loved it.


The cats and dogs got out the pound. They started yelling. They were going back and forth, it just wouldn’t stop!


The dogs yelling turned to barking. The dogs were surprised. The cats were scared and ran away.


The next day, Oprah Roofrey heard that dogs were making barking noises. So she called them to be on her show. All the dogs were excited, especially Arianna.


Once they were on the show, they wanted to meet her. They tried to look for her, but she was out on the stage. They talked about how they got to bark. Then suddenly everyone in the world was barking!




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