My Poetry

Golden Girl

I am not your trophy…
I am not here to be shown off, glorified, or acknowledged when your friends and co-workers come around only to be thrown in a box in your dark basement any other day.
See, you probably don’t see the difference between me and the golden inanimate object because you’re not in my life to know who I am.
Unlike the little golden figure, I am a human with a heart beating inside of my chest.
I am a flower that needs water, sun, love, and attention.
I am a fish that breathes, swims, and wanders through earth’s treasures.
I am an owl that sleeps all day and seeks out knowledge at night.
I am a butterfly that spreads my beautifully painted wings and dances with the wind.
I am a woman with a body, a voice, a personality, and a story.
And it’s not your story to tell.
I am not your trophy.

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4 thoughts on “Golden Girl”

  1. 🐝 that’s deep 👽🎓💃 But I’m not surprised keep climbing before you know you’ll be a the top of the mountain 🌁👌

    Liked by 1 person

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