A Day In My Life, In the Crowd

The Endless Summer Tour!

Saturday night, I spent five hours at the Ak-Chin Pavillion standing, dancing, screaming, singing, jumping, thirsty, sweating, and having a phenomenal night.


I haven’t been to the Ak-Chin Pavillion since July 11, 2008 when it was still called the Cricket Wireless Pavillion. Eight years ago I went with my old best friend to see the Jonas Brothers on their Burnin’ Up Tour. This was my first concert ever.



Saturday on July 2, 2016 I was back at the concert venue with its new name after many, many concerts.



July 2, I was there for the Endless Summer Tour which was compiled of opening act Madeintyo and which featured: Yo Gotti, YG, Logic, and G-Eazy.



I had ordered my tickets way in March so I had months of built up anticipation for this night.



I get terrible anxiety before concerts and this one definitely hit hard.



I didn’t really listen to Yo Gotti or YG, even though I have heard them from my siblings and the repetitive radio. However, Logic and G-Eazy are my two favorite rappers in the entire galaxy, and I got to see them live.



I also ordered pit seats, the closest you can get. The pit seats made me feel like a cool VIP. I had this special pink wrist band and I waved my wrist in the security’s face whenever I needed to be let back into the pit. There were even a few people who tried to sneak into the pit, and there was also a contest for pit seats, so that gave me a big concert head. Haha.

By the way, this guy was the life of the pit. Haha. His exterior was deceiving. He was jamming the entire time. Even the performers noticed him, and he made it on one of their Instagrams. Lol.

Anyways, my anxiety before the concert was slithering throughout my body, numbing me and nauseating me at the same time. I had a sub and chips before the concert to have food on my stomach, and I could barely find internal calm to be able to crunch into and chew my chips.



When 5pm came, I poured my chips back into the bag and headed out the door to a show I have been dying to see! I have always dreamed of seeing Logic and G-Eazy on tour together! Now all they need is to collaborate on a song.



I get there and get my ticket from will-call, then head to the pit.



“I was in the pit, you were in the pit, we all were in the pit!”- Parks and Rec


This concert, I actually went by myself. Since I have moved to San Francisco, my Arizona contacts have been fading and my seats were expensive, so I didn’t ask anyone. But, I was fine because I went for the music and you meet people best through music. Plus, I wanted to go that bad that I was willing to go alone.


Fast forward pass the hour wait in the pit, and the lights dim. The sun is still out so its not dramatic, and no one knows the opening act really, so there isn’t much screaming, but the show has started! My two favorites go on last so it’s a dancing waiting game.
The opener Madeintyo was so small and young. But, you could see his effort and his ambition and I respect that. He did great with the crowd.

Yo Gotti was first after the opening act. He came out in a white ski mask which I know he was sweating like crazy in. I was sweating like crazy and I didn’t have on anything warm. Haha. He was great though, and I’m glad mid-way through his set he took the mask off. I loved hearing him perform “Down in the DM” because my mom loves that song and I always imagine her singing along made-up words to it. Ha.

Then YG was next. He actually grew on me a lot after the show. I have been playing his song “Twist my Fingaz” over and over on Spotify. I don’t know, seeing a musician do what they do live just changes them and their music for you. I don’t know if it is a live connection, the concert high, or if I was just obsessed with his short and amusing dancing. (Do your dance YG, do your dance!)

Then it was time for LOGIC! Ahhhhh! I am screaming like I am still at the concert, except it’s internally this time. Haha. I partially saw him live in February when he came out as a surprise guest at G-Eazy’s concert in February (I cried that concert), but this time it was his show and he is just so amazing and talented. Lord.


I have to do another paragraph for Logic. He is so human, and I simply love everything about him- his music and rap skills, his personality, and what he stands for. I loved his moments where he talked to the audience, he made a few people’s days even though I wasn’t one of them. It showed me he genuinely loves all of his fans and appreciates them. Haha. Maybe a concert in the future I will be called on. A girl can dream…



I can’t stop talking about Logic. I can’t help it. His fast rapping is so mesmerizing. But, his fast rapping also makes it hard to sing along. I get tongue tied and out of breath. Haha. But when the chorus drops, I’m loud and proud.


Wow, another paragraph on him. His new mixtape Bobby Tarantino dropped last week and it’s so good. He told everyone to listen to it good so we can sing along. I didn’t listen to it all well enough though. He performed this song that I fell in love with. I got home and listened to his mixtape (because I always listen to the artists I’ve seen live over and over until my concert high leaves) and was like “Deeper than Money” is on here! That song was from his mixtape! And now like “Twist my Fingaz”, “Deeper than Money” has been played on repeat.


I even got him on my concert shirt when I was forced to choose between him and the others. They should have had a shirt with all four of the musicians like the promotional poster showed. But, I at least got Logic on one.
Last paragraph on Logic I swear… Logic was so talented, passionate, and great. I love when a musician exceeds your expectations at concerts internally, physically, and musically. Logic is indescribable. He is so amazing. Like, woah. (Logic pun).

And the final act was G-Eazy. (Eazy! Eazy! Eazy! Eazy!) But the transition wasn’t as quick as my paragraph transition. After standing, dancing, and “concert-ing” for four hours I was tired and thirsty.

You would think since it is summer and it is hot Arizona the venue would have free water handed out but nope. Not only did they make me dump out my water when I got in, they also charged seven bucks for water and nine bucks for lemonade. I tried to stay put for as long as I could, but I could not take chances with how hot the weather was, and I did not want to pass out, so I gave up my close spot to go get water from the free water fountain and rest my feet.


Then, I heard screaming. Screaming at concerts is like a signal to look at the stage because something is happening. I walked back to the pit, waved my arm at the security guards, and squeezed in as close as I could. However, the screams weren’t for G-Eazy. The screams were because they shut the lights off while setting up. (Lights dimming is also a major signal at concerts).


But, I had another good standing spot so I wasn’t leaving again. Then, the lights dimmed and it was actually him this time.


The screen raised, smoke shot out, and a tall and lanky shadowy figure appeared in front of us. It was him-my favorite rapper. G-Eazy was on stage in front of me for the third time.


My sister said, “you’re not tired of him?”, since I just saw him in February during his other tour When it’s Dark Out. But no, I am not tired of him. I love him and his music. And, I enjoy him every single time. I enjoy him even more every single time as well.


He also helped the pit out. We were all hot and sweaty from being packed together in this Arizona heat and he threw water on us. But, some drunk idiot in the pit decided to do the same. Some guy who was standing in the pit threw red lemonade all over us.


I didn’t realize it. I thought it was more water but a bigger splash. Then I realized the guy in front of me had red spots all over his shirt, and so did his friend next to him, and so did the girl next to me, and so did I. Then I saw them escorting the guy out and I was like oh, that wasn’t part of the show and that wasn’t water.


Yet it didn’t ruin the show for me. I still enjoyed it to the fullest, wet red-spotted shirt and all…


He did my favorite songs, “Let’s Get Lost”, “Drifting”, “Me, Myself, and I”, and “Forbes”. I loved it. I was sore and my feet were killing me but I was still dancing and singing, for I felt numb to the pain during the last and fifth hour of the show. I “concert-ed” and had a great time all the way until it was time to leave.


My sister picked me up at the QT next door to avoid traffic. Then as soon as I got home I threw my shoes off and flipped down on the couch and began to tell my concert stories.


Two days later, and I am still on a concert high…


I love music, and I love concerts. They are sometimes expensive but they are worth it. It is a whole new world of music. My feet may have been in pain after, I may have been sore after, I may have been hot and thirsty after, and my throat may have been hurting after but I would deal with it all again if it meant I could re-live the concert again.


PS: Yes, even though I love music like The Beatles and Nirvana, I also love hip hop. 😎


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