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How the Bat Got its Wings (My First Story)

This story was written by me when I was in the second grade. I recently re-discovered it on my shelf in my room back here in Arizona. This is the start of my writing journey, the year it became my passion, and twelve years later and it is still what I enjoy the most. Here is the story, and I am even attaching the original story via pictures! It was written and illustrated by me many years ago. I had even won a school contest for this, during second grade, at my elementary school. And, bear with the mistakes because remember, I was only eight when I wrote this, and I re-typed it exactly how I did in second grade. Hope you enjoy, find it cute, find it inspiring, or some other positive emotion! Here it is:

“How the Bat got its Wings”

Written and Illustrated by Amie Scroggins



My name is Amie Faye Scroggins. I wrote a story because I like to read and write. When I was little, I thought I couldn’t read. Then one day I was reading and writing. When I grow up I want to be an author because it sounds like fun to be an author. If I become an author, I want people to read my stories and buy them. I want people to read like me, and I want them to learn too.



One day a bat didn’t have any wings. So the bat went to the king. The king said, “If you do some good things, I’ll give you wings.”. Then the bat went to do a good thing.

The bat asked a lady could she help her work. So the bat had helped the lady carry her food into her house.

Last the bat went back to the king. The king gave the bat wings by gluing them on her back.

So every time the bat do something good the king will give her something she needed.

Now the bat can fly because she has wings. The bat will always remember if she does something good, then something good will be done for her.

The End!

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