My Dreams While I Sleep

The Gorilla War

And yes, I mean gorilla, not guerilla…

I don’t know what I watched before I went to sleep last night, but I had the craziest dreams. I am so grateful that I am able to remember my wild dreams and be able to tell them. Anyways…


In my dream last night, all of humanity was living in the jungle. It was dark out, all the trees were skinny with crunchy leaves, and the floor was dirt. There was no green in the jungle but moss. The jungle was a bunch of brown. Even everyone’s clothes were brown. I guess you could say it was a dystopian society.

I looked around and I had a brown backpack strapped to my back. I was wearing a tan light brown colored shirt and cargo pants. I was covered in dirt as was the rest of the humans.

We were at war apparently, with GORILLAS.

It was pretty scary. The gorillas ran into the jungle the humans inhabited. They were screaming loud gorilla sounds and banging their knuckles down. They were ready for the war. They were ready to wipe out humanity. There was not many of us left.

Apparently we were at war with the gorillas because we took over their land after we destroyed ours. Then, we destroyed their land after inhabiting it which is why it is all dust and sorrow now.

I was scared for my life. While the gorillas were getting closer to us, we all began to panic. I think I cried haha. Us humans decided to hide all of the kids in tree trunks, we did this incase we all died in battle. If they were hidden and safe, they could continue living and continue the human race.

So, all of the young children were hidden in tree trunks and all of the adults prepared to enter the war.

The gorillas were getting closer and closer. I was gripping onto my niece and nephew, they are so young they are oblivious to what is about to happen. There is a chance I may not see them again after this battle. I am going to miss them so much. I begin to cry.

I don’t know which is harder saying goodbye or dying.

I finally was pulled off of them and they were hidden in the tree trunks, the gorillas were really close to us.

They made it and all of the adult humans had our fists clenched ready to fight. There were no weapons, only our fists.

The gorillas were standing across from us humans. We stared at each other intimidatingly. Then, I cracked. I apologized to the gorillas.

Their faces softened, and the leader walked up to me. The leader shook my hand. All they wanted was an apology! We didn’t have to endure war, all we had to do was apologize!

So, we were at peace. We got all of the children out of the tree trunks and celebrated peace. We all gathered together, the humans and the gorillas, then we took a group picture together.

I guess we lived happily ever after together, coexisting in the jungle.

2 thoughts on “The Gorilla War”

  1. 🐝 yeah you’ll be famous 1 day from your words thy really get your attention not just saying tht cause I’m dad either 👽🎓💃👌

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