My Dreams While I Sleep

The Gorilla War

And yes, I mean gorilla, not guerilla... I don't know what I watched before I went to sleep last night, but I had the craziest dreams. I am so grateful that I am able to remember my wild dreams and be able to tell them. Anyways...   In my dream last night, all of humanity… Continue reading The Gorilla War

My Opinions

Between the World and Me…

An analysis of the "black body" in Ta-Nehisi Coates's autobiography Between the World and Me and Richard Wright's poem Between the World and Me.

A Day In My Life

They call me Ms. S

I am in a five-year program at my school, so the year after I graduate with my undergraduate degree, I will graduate again with my Master's in Education because I am working on it while also working on my bachelor's. One of the requirements of the dual degree program (that's the name of it) is… Continue reading They call me Ms. S

My Opinions

Housekeeping: Humanity vs. Nature

When we think of nature we think of green beneath our feet, trees enclosing us, lakes mirroring our looks, the smell of flowers in a garden, rain splashing around our jackets, wind swirling around our figures, the sun smiling at us, birds flying around singing, animals dancing in the forest and sea, and much more… Continue reading Housekeeping: Humanity vs. Nature