A Day In My Life, In the Crowd

My life has almost reached full completion.


Yesterday was not only St. Patrick’s Day, yesterday was Justin Bieber’s concert in San Jose for his Purpose World Tour.

Yesterday was one of the best days of the year so far.

I have been a Belieber since I was in eighth grade. Six years later, I am now twenty, and I still have a hard case of the Bieber fever. I have been a fan since the little voice and shaggy hair, Justin and I pretty much grew up together. Haha.

And, in all six years of being a Belieber, I never once got the chance to see him in concert. Tickets just sell out too quick.

Well, when I heard about the Purpose World Tour, I made sure to be at my computer an hour before the pre-sale began.

He recently returned from a break, and I said who knows the next opportunity I will have to see him in concert after this, so I jumped at this opportunity. 10am came, the time the presale began. SOLD OUT while the page refreshed for me to go in and get tickets. But, like I said I HAD to go to the concert. I refreshed for two hours and I finally got lucky and got a ticket!

I anxiously waited for last night. The day came and I woke up early. I was so excited.

I rode the bus down to the CalTrain station, printed my ticket, and hopped on the CalTrain.

I listened to Justin Bieber on my old classic iPod the whole long ride there. I listened to all the different stages of Justin Bieber’s music, whatever popped up on shuffle, to get myself hyped up for the concert.

I arrive to the concert and the line is soooooooooo longgggggggggggggg.

I impatiently wait, my leg tapping, re-reading my ticket over and over again. Lower Level. Section 112. Row 9. Seat 3.

I finally get inside and rush to my seat thinking the show is starting. The lights cut off and music begins. I scream, the girls behind me scream, the guy and girl next to me scream, the whole arena screams. But, it’s not Justin just yet. It is Post Malone. He’s cool. I only know the song White Iverson by him though. I listen and bob for a few songs.

Then I realize, I have to be out of the arena by 10:15 to make it to the last CalTrain back to San Francisco. I set an alarm to make sure I do not miss it. I passed a merchandise table on the way in, and I have a tradition where every concert I go to, I get a t-shirt.

Sorry, but the perfect time to get merchandise would be during the last of Post Malone’s set. I waited in line patiently. Leg tapping again, debit card and id in hand. I finally get to the front and pay 45 bucks for a shirt, I love it though.

I’m walking down the steps to my row and then screaming begins. I pause on the steps and look up. I see someone walking but can’t make out the face. It’s Scooter Braun! I made it back from the merchandise table just in time! I get to my seat and the lights cut out. It’s time for Justin!

He came out and I was an emotional mess. Like, oh my god is he really here in the flesh? Am I dreaming? Is this really happening?

The SAP Center had seats, which I was happy for because I get tired of always having to stand through long concerts. My butt did not touch my seat though. I stood and danced and sang the whole time.

I checked my clock and my alarm to leave was quickly approaching. I hit snooze on it. I saw the setlist online so I knew Sorry was the last song. So, I wanted to hear Sorry to know that I wouldn’t be missing any of the concert to make it to the CalTrain, and I just love seeing him perform that song. It’s one of my favorites. I still had time then the DJ told us to scream if we wanted to bring Justin Back for one more song.

Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber!

Then Sorry came on and the crowd went ballistic. I jammed out to the song and was glad my alarm hadn’t gone off yet. As soon as his singing stopped and he said thank you, I looked at him one more time still in disbelief I have seen my favorite celebrity for the past six years live, then I jetted up the many steps out of the arena and across the street to the CalTrain. (thank goodness it was across the street or I would have missed it or had to leave earlier)

Lots of concert attendees were on the train. We filled it. People at stops ahead looked in through the windows at all of the Beliebers and were shocked. Endured the long train ride home with lots of great thoughts flooding my mind and a smile plastered on my face…

The concert was so EXTRAORDINARY! Justin Bieber was great live. He did not disappoint. He exceeded my expectations with his vocals, the stage graphics, his outfits, his relationship with the crowd, and his hair. Haha.

I wish I could live last night all over again.

Seeing him live after six years of loving him, my life is now half complete. It will be fully complete the day I meet him. Haha.

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