My Poetry

Phantom of the Cafeteria

An apparition in the vent.

A lifeless figure with a loud, haunting scent.


It bellows. It bellows of adversity.

It cries. It cries for mercy.


But, It’s too late to escape the steel.

It kissed the cold, black lips and sealed the deal.


It wishes it could go back and fix its villainy!

It wishes it wasn’t desperate for money!


Now it’s stuck with a pitiful eternity,

Haunting the school kids and their memory.



Another victim of penury…

1 thought on “Phantom of the Cafeteria”

  1. Reblogged this on AmietheAuthor and commented:

    A poem I recently wrote about a traumatic experience in fifth grade where they found a dead body in the cafeteria’s vent. the poem is recent because a class I am taking asked us to look back at our school experience, and this was a moment so big and so traumatic and so memorable that I wrote about it. I still had feelings about it, so I decided to write a poem about it as well.


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