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Tis the Season to be folly!

Twas’ the morning after Thanksgiving, in stores all around the world, exists a vicious jungle where no one is safe. The animals battle for their prey. Try to take an animal’s prey, and prepare to suffer the brutal consequences. The ferocious animals spent 364 days preparing for this day. Now, it’s here and they will stop at nothing to capture their target. Just the day before this day, everyone was giving thanks. The day after giving thanks, they’ll murder for a fantastic discount.

It’s not the thought that counts when it comes to giving and receiving gifts. That saying is false. It’s a lie that’s been told for years to spare someone’s feelings. People want expensive earphones, flat screen televisions, and other high-quality gifts. They don’t want some handmade gift that was made with love. They want extravagant things they can show off. Objects are much more important than love, happiness, companionship, and life.

Who would want to miss an incredible deal? A television is worth getting punched in the face by a soccer mom. A person may come out of the store with a black eye and a missing tooth, but they have their television! They can enjoy that television they won fair and square for about ten years before it breaks or loses quality. But, it’s okay. When the television breaks, all they have to do is experience the harsh situation all over again. But, this time they’ll go in as a pro since they’ve experienced the situation before.

Since everyone loves electronics so much, replace the fatuous body with one’s authentic necessities. Humans don’t need stupid organs, they need electronics. A person will die if their phone breaks, but not from a heart attack. Rip out their hearts and replace them with televisions so their internal environment can enjoy an episode of Breaking Bad. Pull out their brain since they don’t want to be thoughtful. Stick a stereo up there and let the music dictate their thoughts and control their behavior. Their eyes can be scratched out and replaced with video cameras. They’re always looking through lenses trying to catch the next viral video anyways.

Their ears can be cut off and replaced with expensive headphones since they always have earphones on their head blocking out the rest of the world. Their hands can be pulled off and replaced with phones since their phones are always in their hands anyways. They can make completely new humans out of the population using the idolized technology. Everyone relies on technology anyways, now they will literally rely on technology.

When a baby is born, doctors can immediately begin to replace a baby’s body with lovely electronics. Starting the procedure early will cause the baby to grow up and learn to rely on technology like their parents. They can follow in their parents’ footsteps. This will teach them early to be a puppet to technology like the rest of the population. Sooner or later, all humans will be built with technology. In future reproducing, a person will automatically be born with electronic organs. They will be born with electronic dependency.

After all the plucking of organs, they can feed them to their dogs since their dogs use them better than they do. Not only will it dispose of human waste, but it will enhance a dog’s abilities to love even harder than they did and to become more intelligent than they were. It eventually benefits the human and their dogs. Dogs love better than humans. They appreciate everything, regardless of what it is. They’ll use a human’s internal organs better than a human.

Organs aren’t entertaining like electronics. Organs can’t make a person laugh. Organs are just inside a person’s body. What does an organ do for a person besides sit inside the body and be boring? Organs can’t be shown off to friends and co-workers. Life is about competition, not actually living.

The humanity aisle is deserted while the broken in ten years aisle is overpopulated. Everyone wants a television. No one cares about things that can’t be brought.  This is the 21st century. No one cares about love. The only thing people love is their electronics. The only thing that makes people happy is electronics. The human race needs its electronics to survive. Everyone has the same internal organs, so that makes a person not special. But, buying a huge television someone else can’t afford makes one special.

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