My Dreams While I Sleep

Lost at Sea

I had a dream about Kanye West last night…

I do not know what caused it because I haven’t listened to his music in a while, and I have not seen his face in the media.

I don’t know why, but for some reason my brain thought about him while I slept last night, and my brain created this crazy dream about him.

So, in my dream Kanye West is having a concert. He tells all of the concert attendees to put their phones away and listen to him. Most of the audience was too busy looking through their phones at him than genuinely listening, so most people did not put their phones away. He warned again, this time more angry. Still, no one listened.

Finally, Kanye just was done with the show. He dropped the mic and stomped off the stage leaving the audience confused. Everyone was chasing him, including the venue owner, telling him to come back and finish the show.

He jumped in his Yacht. (apparently the show was at some cool venue near the ocean) His driver was out because Kanye was back early, so he drove it himself. He was not driving it properly and was driving angry, so he was driving too fast. The yacht ended up catching on fire. To save himself, he had to jump in the water to safety.

He swam away and the boat exploded a mile behind him. There was some mysterious stairs peeking from the water, so he climbed up them and held on up there to keep safe from the water and all of the mysterious water creatures.

Then, the dream fast forwards to five years later…

Kanye finds a bridge that can get him back to land. He swims and climbs up it and now he’s free!

He is spotted going to Carl’s Jr (the restaurant can be explained because I ate it last night) so a bunch of paparazzi showed up photographing him and asking him about his five years lost at sea.

He doesn’t answer their questions, instead he says to wait for his album to drop. After five years lost at sea, he decided to make an album about his life out there and his experiences.

More big than his album is the fact that because it is five years later means he is also running for president, Kanye for 2020, like he announced at the VMAs. He got back to land just in time.

Maybe his being lost at sea was a scheme to try to keep him from running for president, but he’s Kanye so he found his way out of the exploding yacht, out of the ocean, and back home. Just in time to be President.

This dream was one of the most random I have had so far. Haha. The only possible element of it that I can understand is the Carl’s Jr because I ate Carl’s Jr last night. Maybe the food caused this random dream. Who knows… Haha.

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