My Opinions

Tis the Season to be folly!

Twas’ the morning after Thanksgiving, in stores all around the world, exists a vicious jungle where no one is safe. The animals battle for their prey. Try to take an animal’s prey, and prepare to suffer the brutal consequences. The ferocious animals spent 364 days preparing for this day. Now, it’s here and they will… Continue reading Tis the Season to be folly!

A Day In My Life


I am a Belieber. For those who don't know what that is, it is a fan of Justin Bieber. I have been a fan of Justin since I was in the eighth grade, which means I have loved him for about six years now. When people at my university find out I am a fan,… Continue reading BELIEB!

Memory Lane

Dollhouse Days

My first house was a yellow brick house with blue window shutters, a pink door, and a green roof. The rent was great because it was free, meals were included, and it was right in the backyard of my family's house. I used to host parties in it when my cousins came over, I used… Continue reading Dollhouse Days