A Day In My Life

Barefoot Marathon

Due to incredibly slow buses and a very slow Bart Friday afternoon, I almost missed my flight. But, thank god I almost missed my flight instead of missing my flight because it would have broke my heart to have to call my mom (who always anxiously and excitedly waits for me to arrive when I am visiting) that I missed my flight.

I guess I can’t blame solely the slow public transportation for my almost missed flight. I guess I could have left later, but I thought leaving 2.5 hours early would be enough time. It is usually enough time. But, Friday, it wasn’t.

I didn’t make it to the airport until 45 minutes before my flight. Then to top it off, the security line was even more hellish than usual. Luckily the line moved pretty fast. I got through security and luckily was not stopped for any suspicion in my luggage.

As soon as I got through security I grabbed my laptop, my backpack and carry-on, and my shoes and ran to the gate, in my socks, where my flight would be closing the doors and getting ready to depart in just five minutes.

I ran with my shoes and laptop in my hand. I passed security guards and they moved over to the side like they knew my story just by seeing me running, and not even ever speaking to me or seeing me. I am pretty sure it happens often. It never happens to me, and I hope it never happens again because it’s scary. But again, I was more concerned about my mom who was back in Arizona waiting for my flight to arrive from San Francisco. I was okay, but she would be distraught.

Anyways, I passed the nice security who stepped to the side to let me pass, then I arrived at the gate. It was empty, I was one of the last to board.

I let them scan my ticket then panting and sweating, I got in line to board.

One of the airport staff said excuse me, you have to put your shoes on. I said, sorry it wasn’t my priority I was rushing. She said, you made it so now you can. (I guess they have a policy you have to wear shoes because I swear my shoes did not smell). I leaned against the wall and put on my shoes, then I put my laptop away.

I stood in line relieved, sweaty, and exhausted but content. I made it.

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