A Day In My Life, In the Crowd

Sounds Like Gibberish

Last night was one of the best nights of my life. I went to a intimate concert at Slim’s (a bar/venue in San Francisco) to see my favorite singer Max Schneider perform…

It all started in August. I heard he was going on tour on his Instagram and I freaked out. Ahhh! I texted my friend and we got our tickets immediately.

He isn’t a world famous superstar like Justin Bieber, but because of tickets always selling out in minutes when I try to see Bieber in concert, my mind has produced this extra-advanced ticket buying paranoia. So, we got our tickets and the wait began!

The wait went by so fast. September flashed before my eyes. It was like the whole month just never happened and the world fast forwarded to last night, October 10th, because they were so excited for me to see him live.

I have followed Max Schneider for years, since he was on this show on Nickelodeon called How to Rock. I was there through his first encounters, his awesome Coca-Cola commercial with the cover of Safe and Sound, and then all of his awesome covers on YouTube, and now through the albums he’s making and the tours he’s going on.

And last night, he was no longer inside of my computer or my phone, he was right there, in the flesh, in front of me on the stage. And he brought amazing and talented guests. Kenzie Nimmo and her husband Harris performed. They are known for their covers they did on vine, their most famous is probably Cool Kids. He also brought an amazing rapper on tour with him named Karizma (Call Me Karizma is the full name).

These performers were all such humble and talented individuals it amazed me. And, to make the night even more magical, I got to meet them all! Even my favorite singer in the entire world! I have been given such amazing opportunities lately and living such a euphoric life since I moved to San Francisco for college.

I got to meet my favorite singer last night, and I am still in shock. And. Max is just as amazing live as he is online. We took a tongue selfie. That is one of the many reasons I love him: he likes to stick his tongue out like me.

I love concerts. I love the co-creation between the audience and the musician. I love that they didn’t put themselves above us even though they were up on the stage. We were all just human beings enjoying the music we all love…

Last night was so FANTASTICAL.

My throat hurts, my feet hurt, and my legs are sore. But, that’s what a good concert is supposed to do you.

Such a great night. Whoo!

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