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Imagine 35 More Years…

Today is John Lennon’s birthday. John Lennon is my idol and inspiration. He would have been 75 today. Unfortunately, he was violently removed from the living world at the young age of forty by an insane fan.

Imagine if John Lennon lived to be 75.

Imagine all of the amazing music he would’ve made.

Imagine all of the peace he could’ve accomplished.

Imagine if his song Imagine became reality…

I remember when I was in elementary school I had no idea who The Beatles were. I always wondered in my head who these four men were on shirts and on notebooks and on purses. This annoying girl was obsessed with them in the eighth grade, 2009-2010, and I hate not knowing things so I finally remembered to google them.

Yes, I did not become educated and aware of The Beatles until I was fourteen. But, I sat there googling them and listening to their songs on YouTube and I slowly fell in love. It has progressed and progressed since then. It has been one in particular who is my favorite, John.

Throughout high school, I wasn’t as crazy as I am now, but I tried to incorporate him into every project possible. I had a folder of him, I did my Spanish project on him (for dia de los muertos we had to do a project on a loved deceased person), I did my project in AP World History on him (we had to choose someone in history who has made an impact on the world, I did all my art paintings and drawings we had to do on people on him, and I even became so absorbed into him that I tried to do my project on him when I took AP U.S. History, then I remembered he’s not from America haha.

I don’t know if it was from all of the projects extending my knowledge of him, or if it was from listening to the music so much, but I now idolize him. I am afraid to say obsession because I feel that’s something a crazy person does. But, I am pretty close to that level maybe. I love him a sane amount I will say.

I have a shirt with him, he’s on my phone case, he’s on my purse, he’s the sticker on my laptop, and my sister even had her friend make  a painting of him for me for my apartment (the picture is attached above of my excitement and shock when I received it hahaha). He’s also going to be my first tattoo, a quote about him being genius.

Maybe it’s the hint of mystery that causes my fascination, for he lived and died way before my time. He just seems like he had such an amazing soul though. He was also talented and intelligent. He was human and had flaws, but he was such a unique and memorable individual who can never be cloned.

I am listening to The Beatles and his solo music all day in his honor. Also, thank you Spotify UK for that awesome John Lennon playlist you made for today!

It is also his youngest son Sean’s birthday which is so fascinating. Happy birthday Sean!

It’s like he’s living inside of his kids. Sean has his musical passion, and Julian has his passion to fix the world. Aside from his sons, he is still alive through his music and his work. And, I am grateful for his immortality because if he died out, then I never would have discovered him since I wasn’t born until 1996.

My mom feels I was around in the sixties because of my fascination with Lennon and my fascination with the sixties, and last year my move to San Francisco. Maybe I was, who knows. I believe in reincarnation.

For the past few months, I have had this urge to live in New York for a summer, go to the Imagine memorial and get to “meet” John Lennon. Hopefully next summer it happens…

John Lennon. Sigh. The best musicians and the best souls are always gone too soon, and too much are they violently plucked from Earth.

Today is to honor him, to remember him, to imagine him at this age. Happy Birthday John.

a surprise for my first apartment from my sister painted by her very talented artist friend, Antoinette Cauley.
a surprise for my first apartment from my sister painted by her very talented artist friend, Antoinette Cauley.

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