A Day In My Life

A Minor Problem

I had my first advising appointment with my dual degree advisor the second semester of my freshman year. For those that don’t know, the Dual Degree Program at my school is  a program that allows students to take graduate classes in Education while working on their bachelor’s, so by the time we graduate with our Bachelor’s we will be only a year away from a Master’s in Education. That itself can be hard because graduate classes and your regular schedule may be intimidating.

Anyways, my dual degree advisor recommended a minor to me that would be beneficial for me since I want to be a teacher and it also is in sync with the graduate Education classes I am taking, so half of the classes would be fulfilled with classes I am already taking and I would only be adding three or four classes to my workload. It sounded ideal, but my heart was stuck on minoring in writing so her information was shooting through my ears and landing against the wall and crumpling.

She says, okay go ahead and ask your major advisor (the one in charge of my English Lit stuff) what she thinks about a minor in writing. I go to my ditzy major advisor who says it will be a lot of work since my plate is already pretty full, but she approves. Then, a few days later after I applied I get denied to minor in writing because English Lit and Writing are under the same branch so I can’t minor in it for some reason. It broke my heart because it was my dream and I had already told a bunch of peers I was minoring in writing. Haha.

So, I am determined to do something with writing because it is my passion. So, I decide to do journalism! I did it in high school so it won’t be too much different. It’s a type of writing, so I am satisfied. So then I was majoring in English Lit, minoring in Journalism, and in the Dual Degree Program for a Master’s in Education.

Recently, I was bored and I am a weirdo who does random things when bored. So, to satisfy my boredom, I went to my school’s website and began looking at minors. I came across that minor my dual degree advisor told me about so long ago and I look at the classes required and I’m like wow that would be easy I should add that to my workload it won’t be adding much…

So, I submit a request to add this minor to my workload. I already start telling people about it and I was hoping I didn’t jinx myself. Then, a few days later I get an email saying I am approved to do my second minor!

But, although it is a lot of work and may take a few summer classes to get it done in time, I can do it. That is why they approved me, because I am totally capable. The classes I am taking now, even the graduate ones are not a challenge and I love a challenge. I have been a nerd my whole life and I like to keep myself academically busy otherwise I get bored. I like having a plethora of work. I am intelligent and I am hardworking and I can do it. It’s not stressful, and it’s not too much, it’s me. I am always the person who does a lot of work and gets bored if I don’t. I want things hard, not easy. I want my brain to grow and I want my mind to be challenged. I find solace in academics.

So now I am majoring in English Literature, minoring in Journalism, minoring in Child and Youth Studies, and in the Dual Degree Program for a master’s in Education. Phew that is a mouthful hahaha.

P.s. It would be cool if I could double major, but I doubt they will approve me for anything else. Haha.

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