A Day In My Life

Barefoot Marathon

Due to incredibly slow buses and a very slow Bart Friday afternoon, I almost missed my flight. But, thank god I almost missed my flight instead of missing my flight because it would have broke my heart to have to call my mom (who always anxiously and excitedly waits for me to arrive when I… Continue reading Barefoot Marathon

Book Excerpts

Off the Grid (Snippet Two)

“How are you?” She asked quietly, tilting her head to one side making her long curly red hair fall to one side of her face. Her curly hair is actually what caused us to become best friends back in elementary school. In first grade I was teased for my hair. I’m a mixed kid so… Continue reading Off the Grid (Snippet Two)

A Day In My Life, In the Crowd

Sounds Like Gibberish

Last night was one of the best nights of my life. I went to a intimate concert at Slim's (a bar/venue in San Francisco) to see my favorite singer Max Schneider perform... It all started in August. I heard he was going on tour on his Instagram and I freaked out. Ahhh! I texted my… Continue reading Sounds Like Gibberish

A Day In My Life

Imagine 35 More Years…

Today is John Lennon's birthday. John Lennon is my idol and inspiration. He would have been 75 today. Unfortunately, he was violently removed from the living world at the young age of forty by an insane fan. Imagine if John Lennon lived to be 75. Imagine all of the amazing music he would've made. Imagine… Continue reading Imagine 35 More Years…

A Day In My Life

A Minor Problem

I had my first advising appointment with my dual degree advisor the second semester of my freshman year. For those that don't know, the Dual Degree Program at my school is  a program that allows students to take graduate classes in Education while working on their bachelor's, so by the time we graduate with our… Continue reading A Minor Problem