My Opinions

The Passionate Learner

Expanding my knowledge is very important to me. I love continuously learning new things. I believe one’s brain always has room for new knowledge. Whether it’s life lessons or academic lessons, I love learning. When I wake up every morning for school, instead of saying I have to go to school, I say I get to go to school. I am very grateful for the education I am lucky enough to receive.

Education shouldn’t be taken for granted. Some people drop out or ditch or hate school, I’m the opposite. I love going to school. Learning is important. You better yourself by learning. I take the hardest classes at my school because I like to learn. I love rigor, I love a challenge. I get bored in classes that aren’t advanced because they don’t expect much from you. I want to work hard because hard work pays off.

An education is important for an abundance of reasons. An education gets you a good job, a better understanding of the world around you, and it simply produces a better you. A person couldn’t survive without a proper education. An education is something everyone should take advantage of.

I want to continue learning for the rest of my life. One can never know too much, or know everything. There’s always something new to absorb. Even when I’m sixty years old and have all of my knowledge and experiences, I will still find a way to learn fresh information.

Most people aspire to be successful, to be rich, to be famous, or some other sort of cliché desire. But, my biggest desire in life is to absorb as much knowledge as possible. I want to be as smart as I am capable of being. With knowledge, anything is possible. Jobs can be lost, loved ones can be lost, a significant other can be lost, and money can be lost… But, with a fantastic education, you can always get back up on your feet because an education makes you strong. It’s the best thing to possess in the world. But, I can’t expand my knowledge without money to fund my education goals. I’m not a horrible investment. I take my education very seriously and the money will be put to good use.

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