My Dreams While I Sleep

The New Boy In Town

He came over to my family’s house. He was probably 6’5 towering over every member in my family, even my really tall brother. Haha. He had a deep voice that could scare anyone if he raised it. He had dark brown skin, and lots of black and gray hair all over his body. He had a bunch of black and gray curly locks on top of his head with a black and red cap sitting on top. He was wearing a red jacket, but his curly gray chest hair was sticking out. He had on fitted black jeans. But, he had on no shoes and he had dog-looking feet. Maybe he is a wolf. I paid attention to every detail encompassing him.

We welcomed him into our home. He was really nice. He got along with everyone. We even played a friendly game of basketball. Well, towards the end the game was not so friendly. The basketball game was really close. This mysterious new guy, who’s name I never picked up, his team was down by a basket.

I guess my dad accidentally fouled, or that is what the new guy claimed he did. He could have been exaggerating because his team was down. My dad said he did not foul him, the guy pleaded again that my dad did foul him. He passed the ball to my dad really hard. My dad threw the ball back at him. Then this guy got in my dad’s face and we had to pull him away.

He walked away to calm down. He started huffing and puffing. Something was wrong. He crouched down and was groaning. He changed into a dog. Into my dog.

Somehow my dog got turned into a human. We had hung out and played basketball with my dog in human form.

I wonder is that what he would really look like if he magically became human.

I will never look at my dog the same when I go home for breaks. Haha.

By the way, my dog is a black pitbull who is getting older and he wears a red collar. Can you see the resemblance? 🙂

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