My Dreams While I Sleep

The Man in the Orange

I had a dream about Channing Tatum, but it wasn’t a typical dream about the hunk. It was violent and gruesome and graphic and as far from normal as it could possibly be.

He was fresh out of jail standing in front of my house in an orange jumpsuit looking for me.

I opened up the garage and he was standing there looking big and buff and hot.

We both had just gotten out of jail and had some unfinished business to be dealt with. My dream never revealed what this unfinished business was, or why him and I were even in jail.

I already knew what he came all the way to my parents’ house for, so I had protection just like him and was wearing a bulletproof vest just like he was under his orange jumpsuit.

As soon as the shooting began, it looked like an action movie. Jumping in the air. Being in the air shooting sideways like there was no gravity.

We went back and forth putting holes all over the house and garage and cars.

Then it got scary.He got me at the same time as I got him.

We had killed each other.

I was dying in my dream. I wasn’t victorious, I was defeated in my own dream.

It felt too real. Obviously Channing Tatum and I did not spend time in jail together or ever will, or will ever have a gunfight. But it felt so real. I felt the actual pain in my sleep of how it felt to get shot.

So I forced myself to wake up.

*I do not believe in guns or shooting. This was an uncontrollable dream I had while I was sleeping.

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