My Dreams While I Sleep

Desert Gunfight

I woke up in the middle of a dry, brown, hot place. I looked around and nothing surrounded me but a few cactus and dead weeds.

I climbed off of the ground getting my hands covered in dirt. I bent down to dust the dirt off my knees, and as my eyes were looking down I noticed white Nikes appear in front of me.

I followed the Nikes up. The Nikes were attached to a body. I looked up and there was baggy blue jeans and I looked up some more and after the baggy blue jeans there was a naked torso with a few tattoos. I looked up a little further and saw a nose ring on the nose. Then I looked up at the rest of this stranger’s face and immediately recognized who he was.

I do not know how he is here standing in front of me if he is dead. Maybe he really isn’t dead like people have believed all these years.

I noticed a random open pothole in the ground. He must have came out of there. He must live down there.

I stood straight and noticed the part I didn’t examine, his arm had a gun in it. He was pointing a gun at me. He must think I’m an intruder. I honestly do not know how I got here. I just woke up here.

I reached and pulled a gun from my hip. Do not know where it came from or how it got there. But we were standing there with intense looks on our face and there was suspenseful music playing in the empty desert as we stood with our guns pointed at each other.

We both began to back up and look for cover then the shoot off began.

We shot at each other back and forth, but I ultimately won the gun fight even though I cannot stand guns or violence and have never touched or used a gun in my life. I went over and stood over him.

I killed Tupac?

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