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You Can’t Buy Love, but You Can Buy Priority

You can’t buy love but you can buy priority. That is something I realized with all of my flying I have done the past year…

Why should a person be put on a pedestal just because they spent more money on a seat? I am sorry. I am not going to spend close to a thousand bucks just to fly special. We are all human beings. There should not be inequality like we experience at the airport.

Not only do wealthy travelers get big, comfortable seats. Their luggage gets priority, they get to board the plane first, and they get this extra special service from flight attendants.

The sad thing is that we all have to walk past first class to get to our seats. We see the luxury in first class, we see the priority treatment before we get to our coach seats.

And what is more disheartening than just passing first class to get to coach is that curtain. An actual divider. A curtain to keep us out. It pulls at my heart when I see them shut that curtain. Like we are so worthless they do not want to see us, hear us, or even feel like they are on the same plane as us. We’re like dirt and they’re diamonds to the airport’s eyes.

My last flight, because they always run out of room in the overhead compartments, I was forced to get my bag checked even though I swear it fits under my seat. I lost a house shoe when I got home after getting my bag from baggage claim. On that same flight, a woman flying first class came with a suitcase half her size and they magically found a place for her suitcase because she said “I’m first class!”.

Keep your money people! I understand if you just have that much spare money to travel luxuriously, but geez. I am in college working part time, should I be treated differently just because the airport isn’t getting more money out of me than other people?

Never in my life have I felt so distinct from other people…

First class can kiss my ass.

But, to end on a positive note I hope you enjoy the picture posted above I took of the clouds on my last flight. Haha. Thanks for reading!

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