Short Stories


“Class, we have a new student joining us from…where are you from again sir?” The teacher asked the boy standing there. He’s tall and skinny with pale skin, eyes so blue and bright they could hurt your eyes, and a bald head. But, even with a bald head he’s gorgeous. He looks so innocent. “Um, Monaco.” The boy said with a thick French accent. “Yes. I remember now. Students, this is Artus from Monaco. Sweetie, you can take a seat next to Elaine.” My teacher said pointing to me. The seat next to me has been empty ever since my best friend Kate dropped out of AP Calculus to go to Home Economics.
Artus slowly walked over to me and sat down. Even sitting down he still looks like a tower. “Hi.” I said nicely. “Hi.” He said shyly. “So where is Monaco located?” I asked trying to make conversation. Fridays were always free days in AP Calculus, so I decided to just get to know my desk buddy. “It’s along the French Riviera.” He said. “That explains the French accent.” I said.

“Would you like to go out with me?” He said quietly. “Whoa. I don’t know how things work where you’re from, but in America, especially in New York, you don’t go up to a person you just met and ask them out. We don’t know each other.” I said a little shocked, but flattered. “Sorry. May I at least tell you you’re beautiful though?” He asked. He took his hand and ran it through my curly black hair. His hand was ice cold. “Please don’t do that.” I whispered. “Your eyes are so brown and beautiful, your skin is so smooth and clean, you’re perfect.” He said examining me. “You’re weird.” I whispered. “Sorry, I’m not used to American lifestyle. The bell finally rang. Thank god. I grabbed my messenger bag and jetted out the door. “Hold up friend!” Artus yelled following after me. “What?” I asked angry. “You forgot your notebook.” He said handing it to me. “Thanks.” I said. I grabbed it then sped off to meet Kate at the bus stop to head home.

“I hate you for leaving AP Calculus.” I sighed collapsing down on the seat next to her on the bus. “That class was too hard. Not everyone is a genius like you.” She complained. She’s right I guess. I am a genius. I’m going to be valedictorian when we graduate next month. I’m going to be attending Harvard’s law program. “This new boy from Monaco got sat next to me and he’s weird. He’s obsessed with me I think.” I said. “Is he at least hot?” Kate asked. “Very. But still. He doesn’t know me and he asked me out.” I said freaked out. “One date wouldn’t have hurt. He’s new here. He doesn’t have friends or anyone. You should’ve said yes.” Kate said. “Why don’t you date him then if you think I made the wrong decision?” I said annoyed. “He obviously wants you.” She smiled. “It’s not too late I guess. I guess one date won’t hurt.” I shrugged.

“So what should we do tonight?” Kate asked as we got off the bus in front of our houses. We live right next door to each other. “I was going to look for scholarships.” I said. Kate and I are such opposites. We became bestfriends years ago when my dad and I first moved next door. We grew up and just became interested in different things. She’s a petite blond with blue eyes and tan skin. that’s into partying and cliche teen stuff. I’m a tall mixed girl with black curly hair and brown eyes that’s into academics and reading and writing. “I’m going to head home. I’ll probably call you tonight after I get in. I’m going to go out. Love ya!” She said blowing a kiss. She then skipped over to her front door and went inside.
I went inside my house after. The house is cluttered. The house is always cluttered when my dad is working on a new project. He’s such a workaholic, it’s the reason my mother cheated on him twelve years ago. She didn’t feel loved. He fought for custody for me though. She doesn’t care anymore though, she has a new husband and three baby boys. I barely talk to her now that she moved to Colorado.

“Hey dad.” I said throwing my messenger bag down on the living room couch. “Hey sweetie.” My dad said frantically typing away on his laptop. “What project are you working on?” I asked. “I don’t know if I can tell you. It’s very top secret. It’s a special project that the government assigned us to work on.” He said. My dad is usually eager to tell me about the things he does as a scientist, to keep something a secret is peculiar.
“I’m going to go up to my room and look for scholarships.” I said about to start up the stairs. “Can you grab dinner tonight?” He asked as something beeped on his laptop. “Yeah, what do you want me to pick up?” I asked. “Does Chinese sound good to you?” He asked not looking up from his laptop. “Sure.” I said. “Grab twenty bucks out of the cookie jar and you can take my truck.” My dad said. “Okay.” I nodded.

I climbed into my dad’s huge truck and headed down the street to China Meal to grab my dad and me dinner. I got up to the door and of course Artus just so happened to be there. I swear he’s stalking me. He grabbed the door and held it open for me to walk in. “Thank you.” I smiled. “You’re welcome.” He said. For once, I decided to listen to Kate. She’s right. I should give him a chance. I haven’t had a boyfriend since freshman year, Artus just proved he’s a gentleman, and he’s hot and foreign. After I ordered our food, I tried to hurry and catch Artus before he left. He was heading out the door at the same time as me.
“Hey Artus.” I said trying to catch him before he left. “Yes?” He asked stopping and turning around. “I’m sorry about the way I acted in class earlier. I decided to take you up on the offer of the date.” I said. “Wow, really?” He smiled. “Yes, how about you come over my house tonight to play videogames?” I asked. “Sure, can you give me a ride? I don’t drive.” He said. “Sure.” I nodded. He held the driver door open for me as I climbed in then we headed down the street back to my house.
“Just to warn you, my dad is working on a special project right now so he can’t be bothered. We can just go up to my room. He doesn’t mind me having boys because he trusts me.” I said. “Got it.” He nodded. We pulled up in the drive way and jumped out the car.

“I’m home dad! I have a friend!” I said. My dad wasn’t crouched over his laptop in the living room anymore. “Hey, who’s the friend?” My dad said eyeing Artus. My dad turned pale when he saw him like he knew him. “Is there a problem dad?” I asked. “Uh, uh no honey. I need to get back to my project. Just leave my dinner on the coffee table. I’ll get it soon.” He said speechless, barely able to put together his words. “Okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” I laughed confused. “Be sure to keep the bedroom door open.” My dad said watching us as we walked up to my room.

“I changed my mind about videogames. How about a movie?” I asked. “Sure.” He shrugged. “Want to watch Visitor?” I asked. “What’s it about?” Artus asked with a mouthful of food. He was already devouring his food. It’s almost gone already. “It’s about these aliens that come to Earth to take over the world.” I said. “How do you feel about creatures from other planets?” Artus asked. “I think that stuff is stupid and it’s just a way for the government to scare us.” I shrugged. “Okay.” Artus said.

“What was wrong with your father?” Artus asked. “I don’t know. Maybe he was just shocked I had a guy over.” I laughed. “Oh, okay. What is his job? You said he’s in the process of completing a project.”He asked. “He works for a research lab. Right now he has some big task from the government. He won’t tell me what it is.” I said sticking the DVD into the DVD player. “Okay.” Artus nodded.

Watching that movie made time fly by fast. When the movie ended my clock said it’s nine. “Wow time flew by.” I said yawning. “Thank you for an amazing night. I’ve never felt so in love with a human before.”Artus said. “What do you mean human?” I smiled. “Sorry, I meant with an American.” He said nervously. “Thank you. I’m flattered.” I smiled. “May we do this again sometime?” He asked sweetly. “Of course.” I smiled. “Next weekend?” He asked. “Sure. Do you need a ride home?” I asked. “Yes please, beautiful.” He said. “Okay, I’ll borrow my dad’s truck and take you.” I said. He followed behind me back down the stairs. My dad was fixated on Artus the whole time until we got out the door.
“So where do you live?” I asked. “Actually, my parents are paranoid about living here so can you just drop me off right here? I can walk the rest of the way. It’s not too far.” Artus said taking his seatbelt off. “Okay I guess.” I said. He got out the car then waved until I drove off. I didn’t get to see where he lives.

I got back to the house and my dad was in front of the television eating his dinner watching The Visitor. “Do you think it’s possible for aliens to exist?” I asked. “What, why do you ask that?” He asked paranoid. “Just asking. Artus asked me the same thing and I said I think it’s stupid.” I said. “He asked you that? Elaine, you can not see that boy anymore.” He sighed. “Why?” I asked. “Because I said so.” He said. “He’s a sweet guy, he’s handsome, he’s smart, and he’s a gentleman.” I whined. “I said no Elaine!” My dad yelled.
I never seen my dad angry at me. It was weird. He’s acting weird today. “Well too bad dad. I sit next to him in AP Calculus.” I said. “You will not see him out of school Elaine!” He yelled. “You can’t stop me. I’m eighteen.” I said angry. “But you’re living in my house!” He yelled jumping up from the couch and standing up. “No wonder mom left! This job is driving you crazy! Give it a break sometimes. I understood when you would withdraw from me because of your job, but not only is it causing you to isolate yourself but it’s causing you to go crazy too.” I screamed. “Sweetie.” Dad sighed. “I’m done talking about this. Goodnight dad.” I said storming up the stairs taking two stairs at a time. “Goodnight Elaine.” He sighed flopping down on the couch looking

After tossing and turning for two hours, I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until I amended the problem between my father and me. I decided to be the bigger person and go apologize. I climbed out of bed and stomped down the stairs. “Hey dad.” I said nicely. “Hey dad.” I said nicely. “Elaine.” He nodded. His skin is red, I can tell he’s angry. He looked at me with those sad big brown eyes and it made me feel like a monster for how I behaved.

“Dad, I’m sorry.” I sighed. “I forgive you.” He said. “I just think it’s unfair that you don’t want me to see Artus.” I said flopping down on the couch next to him. “Sweetie, I wish I could tell you why but I can’t. Just trust me.” He whispered kissing my forehead. “How could I trust this decision I’m against when you won’t even give me a reason?” I asked. “Becasue. I’m your father. I would never want to hurt you. I only want to protect you sweetheart. I love you.” He said as I rested my head on his shoulder. “But, Artus is a great guy. You would realize that if you would give him a chance.” I said. “He just seems weird. He looks suspicious. I don’t like him. My mind is set.” My dad said. “Fine. I’ll trust you.” I told my dad.

My dad and I have always trusted each other. We never keep secrets and we tell eachother everything. But, even though he wants me to stop seeing Artus, I can’t. I hate lying to my father, but keeping my relationship with Artus a secret from him is what I have to do to prevent him from being worried and angry with me.He’s a great guy. If I’m wrong, I want to find that out for myself. I’m eighteen, my father can’t baby me anymore. I’m going to be away in college soon anyways. I have to decide some things for myself even if it’s against my dad’s liking.

“Thank you for realizing that I only want the best for you.” My dad smiled. “Yes, I realize you’re only doing this to help me.” I smiled. “I’m going to go to bed. I have a big date tomorrow.” My dad smiled. “A date?” I laughed. “Yes. Some of the guys from the lab think I will need to keep myself occupied when you leave for college in a few months, so they set me up with this teacher.” He laughed. “Is she hot?” I smiled. “I am not discussing that with you. Goodnight darling.” He laughed kisisng my cheek. He headed upstairs and I followed behind him.

I woke up in the morning to a note on my window. I don’t know how someone got up there, but the note was attached to my window by a piece of tape. I grabbed it off of my window and unfolded the note. In chicken scratch, it read:
I couldn’t stop thinking about you last night beautiful. Meet me at Central Park at noon please?- A.

The note made my morning. I climbed out of bed and tried to brainstorm a plan for how I’m going to meet Artus without my dad finding out. I went to my dad’s office, he was in there reading through a book, working on his project of course. “Hey dad.” I said. “Hi.” He said. “So, I’m going to head out to the library to study with some people in my AP European History class.” I said. “Okay, have fun.” He said.

“I probably won’t be back before you leave for your date, so I set out your jean shirt, khaki pants, and your boat shoes.” I smiled. “I’m not a kid, I could’ve dressed myself, but thank you.” He laughed. “Well, you dress pretty geeky, so I was just trying to help you out.”I smiled. “Thank you.” He laughed. “I’m leaving now. Remember the motto, Sweep her off of her feet, and don’t be cheap.” I smiled. “I’ve been on a date before. You don’t have to educate me.” He smiled. “Bye.” I laughed shutting the door behind me.
My dad going on a date is great for him. He hasn’t been in any long-lasting relationships since my mom. Maybe a woman will help him when I’m gone. I got on the bus and headed to Central park. Artus was waiting for me on a park bench when the bus pulled up.
“Hey.” I smiled. “Hello.” He said in that beautiful, thick accent. “So, what did you plan for today?” I smiled. “Lunch in the park, then maybe a movie.” He said. “Sounds great.” I smiled. “Your smile is beautiful.” Artus said examining my face. “Thank you.” I said blushing. “I set up a spot for us over there under the trees, let’s head over there.” Artus said pointing to a empty spot of the park. There is a big blue blanket spread out with a picnic basket on top. He held his arm out for me to grab and we walked arm in arm to the picnic he set up.

“I got these for you.” He said handing me beautiful flowers. The bouquet is so gorgeous. It has roses, lilies, daisies, and tulips. “Aw, thank you.” I smiled sniffing the flowers. “Anything for you, beautiful.” He said. “Have a seat.” We got comfortable on the blanket. He began to pull stuff from out of the picnic basket. He pulled out two plates, a bottle of apple cider, a submarine sandwich, potato chips, and two brownies. “This is so romantic.” I smiled as he put food onto my paper plate.

“So, what caused you guys to move down here to New York from Monaco?” I asked Artus as we ate our delicious lunch. “My dad got a job opportunity out here. It pays a lot of money.” Artus said with a mouthful of submarine. “That’s nice. What’s his occupation?” I asked. “He’s an accountant.” He said. “Oh, cool.” I nodded.

“So, tell me about your family.” Artus said looking at me with those bright, blue eyes. “It’s just my dad and me.” I said. “What happened to your mother?” He asked concerned. “She left years ago. She has a new husband and kids. My dad is a workaholic, he’s a research scientist, and she craved attention from him but wasn’t recieving it, so she moved on to another man.” I shrugged. “How could someone leave someone as amazing and beautiful as you behind?” Artus asked. The look on his face made it seem like he really didn’t think it was possible. “It’s just life.” I shrugged. “But I survived without her. My dad and I got by without her.”

Artus leaned over and kissed me. His lips are so smooth. I grabbed the back of his head and kissed back. “Wow.” I said once he pulled back. The kiss left me breathless. “I’ve never felt this way about a girl before, ever in my life. I know we just met yesterday but I love you Elaine.” Artus said looking me in the eyes. “That’s so sweet.” I smiled.
“Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked. “You know what, it may be fast but, yes.” I smiled. “So we’re official?” Artus said exuberantly. “I never really enjoyed high school because I was so busy preparing for the future, but now I’m going to enjoy the last few months I have here in New York and live for the moment. I’ll take the chance even though it may be too soon.” I smiled. “Thank you.” Artus said kissing my hand.
“One condition though, my dad can’t know about us.” I said. “Why? I want to show the world what an amazing prize I won.” Artus said. “He doesn’t want me dating, I’m sorry. But I don’t want that to stop you from being with me.” I said. “Nothing will stop me from being with you. Nothing in this world. I won’t let anything get in the way, anything. Nothing.” Artus said. “Okay.” I said. “Ready to go the movies?” Artus asked cleaning up the picnic. “Sure.” I said. “Which movie?” He held out his hand to help me get up from off the ground. He packed everything up then we walked hand in hand down the street to the movie theater.

“Want to see a horror film?”He asked as we got in the line. “Sure, but to warn you, I’m a chicken when it comes to things popping out. I don’t like the unknown and unexpected.” I laughed. “I’ll protect you.” He laughed. It was the first time I ever heard him laugh.His laugh is so adorable and contagious. He got us tickets to this movie called Bloody Prom, then we headed to the theater. “What’s this movie about?” I whispered as we looked for seats in the back. “It’s about a prom that becomes bloody.” He smiled. “Thanks for the summary.” I smiled. The movie began so we had to quiet down.

“That movie was…intense.” I said as we left the theater. It’s dark outside now. “It was pretty awesome.”Artus said. “I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight.” I laughed. “I’ll keep you company.” Artus said. “My dad won’t allow it. He has the no boyfriend rule.” I lied. “Okay, I’ll go home then.” He said. “Okay.” I said. “I’m going to walk you home.” Artus said. “Thank you.” I smiled.

“How would you rate today on a scale of one to ten?” Artus asked as we walked on the sidewalk to my house. “An eleven.” I smiled. “I’m glad you had a good time.” He said putting his arm around my waist. “What do you want to do in life?” I asked. “I never really thought about it. I’m just expected to follow in my dad’s footsteps and become an accountant.” He shrugged. “That explains the AP Calculus.” I said. “Yeah, I guess you can say I’m a genius. But I wish I could decide for myself. I like art. I love writing. I wanted to be a writer.”Artus sighed. “You still have time to.” I said.

“Not as long as my dad is alive.” Artus said. “That’s no fair.” I said. I feel bad for Artus. Every human being deserves to be in charge of their own life, that’s why it’s their life. We all should be entitled to our own goals, dreams, fears, likes, dislikes, choices, and opinions. “Looks like we’re here.” Artus said as we got in front of my house. My dad is still gone. His date must be going very well. “Thank you for walking me home, and thank you for the perfect day.” I said. “No problem. Goodnight.” Artus said giving me a quick peck on the lips.

I had to go next door and give Kate the good news. I banged on the front door excited. She answered quickly like she’s waiting for someone. “Hey.” She smiled opening the door to let me in. “Artus.” I smiled. “You guys went out!?” She shrieked. “Yes,and now we’re official.” I smiled. “Congratulations. You need a boyfriend. I’m glad you finally decided to live a little.” She smiled. “Do you want to come over for ice cream and a movie?” I asked. “I was actually waiting for a date.” She smiled. “Oh, of course. I’m going to head home then.” I laughed. “Before you go, the stupid mailman accidentally gave us one of your dad’s packages so give it to him please.” She said. “Of course.” I said grabbing the envelope from her. “See you Monday at school.” I said. “Bye.” She said kissing my cheek.
I went home and upstairs. The envelope was from the government, so of course I could not resist opening it and reading it. I got comfortable on my bed and opened the envelope.

There was a letter from the government in it. It read:
Mr. Rogers. As long as the theory has been disproved and disbelieved, we have finally, unfortunately come to the conclusion that we have aliens walking on this earth. Your research team has been working on the event as you were assigned to do so. You even believe you’ve encountered one yourself. This alien discovery is a serious matter. We do not know how to announce this to the public without causing a disaster, but we have no choice if we want to keep people alert. The announcement will be made Sunday morning. Thank you for your time on the project. We encourage you and your team to keep researching this matter and we hope you can figure out a way to get rid of these creatures.
The letter. This doesn’t feel like real life. This is a official letter from the government saying aliens are among us. Aliens are only in movies and books, they don’t exist! “Sweetie.” My dad said standing at my door. I’m caught redhanded with his letter in my hand. “Dad.” I whispered beginning to cry. “Elaine.” My dad sighed rushing over to my bed. He rested my head on his chest. “What’s going on?” I cried. “The letter is true darling. Aliens, they’re out there.” My dad whispered. “This can’t be happening.” I said. “It is darling. I knew this would be too much for you to handle, that’s why I didn’t want to tell you.” He said running his finger through my hair. “What are we going to do?” I asked. “The guys and I have been working on how to get rid of them.” He said.

“You’ve seen one?” I asked. “Artus.”My dad said. “What?” I screamed. “Sweetie, Artus is an alien.” He sighed. He looked at me like he felt sorry for me. “He’s not an alien dad. He’s a human. He’s from France. He has feelings. He has skin and he looks like a human dad. He can’t be an alien. I kissed him.” I cried. “Sweetheart.” My dad sighed. “Let’s go to my office.” My dad said raising off my bed. He carried me on his back like he used to do when I was a little girl.

“Why are we in here?” I moped as he sat me in his desk chair. His office is a mess. There’s papers all over the floor, wads of paper that didn’t make it into the trash can, and there’s a bunch of empty energy drink cans on his desk. “I want to show you something.” He said softly. He typed in something on his computer then went to a folder title aliens. “What are you showing me?” I asked. I felt so tired and defeated. My head is spinning. I feel like I’m dreaming. All I want to do right now is sleep.

“See this?” My dad said showing me a picture on his computer. The picture showed a pale figure that looked like a human, but the figure had dark black eyes, no nose, and no mouth. It looks like a lifeless face. “What is this?” I asked wiping the last tear from my eye with my sleeve. “An alien.”He said. “Artus doesn’t look like this.” I said defensive. “That’s because we found out they use a earth-made potion to make themselves look human. They inject it into themselves and it makes them look lively and human.” My dad said. “What’s wrong with aliens wanting to be humans?” I asked disinterested. “They destroyed their planet, now they want to take over ours.” My dad said looking me in the eyes.
“Artus isn’t an alien.” I said. “Come on Elaine. I showed you all the facts.” My dad said angry. “He’s human.”I said. “He just moved here from Monaco right when we discovered aliens are here Elaine. He resembles an alien. He is an alien Elaine!” My dad yelled. “It’s just hard for me to believe.” I shook my head. “Fine. Don’t. It doesn’t matter anyways since you’re banned from seeing him.” My dad shrugged. “Okay.” I said annoyed. “You should get some sleep now.” My dad said. “I will. Goodnight.” I said leaving out of his office. I climbed into bed and went to sleep.

“Sweetie.” My dad said coming into my room in the morning waking me up. “What?” I asked. “You’ve been sleep for ten hours, I just came to check on you.” He said. “Sorry, I just had to sleep off last night.” I said sitting up in my bed. “The government announcement is about to come on, so let’s head into the living room.” He said. “Okay.” I nodded.

My dad had a bowl of popcorn and two cans of soda out for us like this announcement is a movie. I feel like I’m in a movie. How could aliens be here? I never believed other kinds existed on other planets. “It’s starting.” My dad said getting comfy on the couch and opening his can of soda.

“We have breaking news fellow Americans.” The president said. He looks so tired and a bit frightened. He’s talking so calmly like this isn’t a big disaster. “This is not a joke or a scam. I repeat, this is not a joke. We have aliens among us. Don’t panic, we have a group of researchers working on how to get rid of them, but for now America, stay calm but also stay alert. Be safe. Until this matter is solved, there will be no school or no work, except for government workers. Everyone will have a curfew as well. Everyone will have to be back in their house by 7:00 pm. Again, we will be fine. We just would rather be alert and safe. Thank you.” The television cut back to the show my dad was watching.
“No school?” I gasped. “That means you’re under house arrest.” My dad said. “I’m supposed to be graduating in a few months. They can’t just stop school!” I screamed. “They did.” He said. “So I have to be stuck in the house until you guys fix this problem?” I asked. “I’ll let you out for an hour.”My dad said. “Fine.” I shrugged. “I have to head down to the research lab, will you be okay by yourself?” My dad asked. “Yes. If something does come to kill me, oh well. When my time comes it comes.” I said. “Don’t say that sweetheart.” My dad said kissing my cheek. “Why are you working on a Sunday?” I asked. “We have to work everyday now until we can fix this, I’m sorry.” He apologized. “Okay, it’s fine.” I said. “See you around nine tonight.” My dad said grabbing his coat and briefcase then heading out the door.

I went back up to my bedroom. There was another note on my window. I don’t know if I believe my dad about Artus. He just seems too human to not be one. The note read:
Good Morning beautiful. I saw your dad leave to somewhere, may I come in?- A.
I walked downstairs to open the door for him. I heard a knock on the back door. It scared me. It’s Artus. He waved at me. “Hi.” I said opening the door for him. “Hey.” He said giving me a kiss on the cheek. “Did you hear the big announcement?” I asked as we got comfortable on the couch. “Yes.” He said. “It’s scary right?” I asked. “Elaine.” Artus sighed. “It’s true. My dad was right.” I whispered beginning to cry. “Elaine, I’m one of those aliens.” He said ashamed. “Get out! Oh my god, I fell for you! You’re a liar! Get out!” I screamed pushing him towards the door. “Let me explain!” He said. “There’s nothing to say! You’re a alien. You’re here to take over our planet!” I screamed. “Elaine.” Artus whispered. “I said get out.” I cried. “Elaine.” Artus said again. “Get out of my house.” I whispered.

“Fine. You’re going to make me do this.” Artus said walking towards me. He pulled a spray out of his pocket and sprayed it in my face. “What are you doing?” I screamed. “It’s a sleeping spray. In a few seconds you’ll be out.” Artus said picking me up and putting me on his back.
“You’re up.” Artus said as I slowly opened my eyes. “What did you do to me? Where am I?” I asked scared. He had tied me up to a chair while I was asleep. “This is our quarters.” He said. I looked around. I was in a big open room. It’s full of weapons and computers and different potions. “Please let me go home.” I cried. “I need to explain to you, about myself.” He whispered. “I have no choice.” I cried.

“Elaine, yes I am an alien. Yes I don’t look like this. Yes I’m not from France.” Artus sighed ashamed. “You’re a disgusting liar.” I screamed. “Everything I have said is true. I love you. I’m not like the others. I don’t want to hurt anyone.” He said sweetly. “I can’t believe you. You’ve lied about something so big.” I shook my head. “You liked me before, why did it change now?” He said. He sounds so heartbroken. “You’re an alien.” I said. “I was an alien when you fell in love with me too.” He said. “But I didn’t know.” I said. “Elaine. I love you. I don’t want to lose you.” Artus said looking me in the eyes. “I can’t trust you.” I whispered. “Try.”Artus whispered leaning down and giving me a kiss.
“What is going on here!” A man with a Russian accent yelled. “Dad!” Artus said frightened turning around quickly. I don’t blame him for being scared. His dad looks terrifying. He’s really tall, with dark gray eyes and the same bald head and white skin. He’s so muscular he looks like he could pick up a car and throw it at me. It‘s crazy how they all look different. I wonder do the women have bald heads too. “You kissed that girl!”His dad yelled. “I’m sorry father.” Artus sighed.

“You know aliens are not allowed to fall in love with humans!” His dad screamed with spit flying out of his mouth. He seems like such an angry, aggressive man. “But why not?” Artus whined. “They can’t be trusted. Humans will turn on you. They will kill you. We are not welcomed on this planet. We must stick to our task and that’s it. There’s no room for love. It’ll keep you from focusing on your task.”His dad yelled. “I don’t want to destroy their planet though father.” Artus whispered. “See what love does to you? We weren’t even programmed to love!”His dad yelled pointing at me. “Father.”Artus said with his head down.

“I’m glad you brought her here though. Destroy her.” His dad said handing him some type of weapon. It looked like a toy gun. “Please don’t.” I cried. “Elaine.” Artus whispered. “Do it!” His dad screamed loud. “I hate you!” I screamed at Artus. “I’m sorry.” Artus yelled. I shut my eyes thinking it would make my death less painful. I just have to accept my fate. I should’ve listened to my dad when he tried to warn me. Now my time has come and there’s nothing I can do to save myself.

I heard his dad scream. I opened my eyes and his dad was laying on the floor. He was deteriorating. Black blood gushed from his body and he was bubbling and sizzling like a piece of bacon in a skillet. His screams were devastating. His body jerked and then he evaporated. “Artus.” I whispered. “Now do you trust me?” He asked. “I love you.” I cried. “I told you I would let nothing at all hurt you. My dad got what her deserved.” Artus said as he untied my hands. “Thank you. You saved my life.” I whispered crying. “I told you I meant it.” Artus said giving me a hug.

“What are we going to do now?” I asked as he wiped a tear from my eye. “After I finish explaining, you have to go home. There’s still others out there. My father was the leader but he had followers.” Artus said. “What about you?” I asked. “I’ll hide out until it subsides, but I will make time to see you.” He said. “Where will you stay?” I asked. “I’ll find a safe place.” He shrugged. “Okay.” I nodded.

“It’s late. You should head home. I would walk you, but it’s too dangerous for me to be seen. I’ll leave a note explaining everything.” Artus said. “I don’t know how to get home from here.” I said. “Use my teleporter.” He said throwing a small black square with a red button to me. “I don’t know how to use this.” I said. “Say where you want to go, it’ll take you there.” He said. “I don’t want to take your transportation though.” I said turning the device in my hand. “I have another.” He said. “Okay.” I said. I clicked the button and landed in my bedroom. It was eight, so my father wasn’t home yet luckily.
I headed downstairs to start dinner. Artus popped up in the kitchen when I opened te refrigerator. “Here’s my note explaining everything.” Artus said handing me a crumbled piece of lined paper. “How did you know I was in here?” I asked. “The first day I met you, at the school, I put a chip on the back of your head.” Artus said embarrassed. “That’s weird, but okay.” I said. “ I have to head back. I would love to stay and explain things myself, but I can’t. The other aliens are having a meeting about my father’s death and what to do now, so I have to be there so things won’t look suspicious.” Artus said. He gave me a kiss then teleported back to the alien quarters.

I unfolded the note gave me and began to read what he wanted to explain to me:
Elaine. You know I am an alien. You know my father was the leader and I killed him. I, and all the other aliens, come from Mars. There’s fifty of us. I don’t have a mother. On our planet, the men have us. This may sound gross, but the men throw up eggs and we’re born. my father was never married. He believes love is a distraction. We took injections that made us look like one of your kind. It was a potion my father made. He thought it’d be easier to invade if they didn’t see us coming, so he came up with these permanent disguises. When we took the injection,our human looks were intertwined with our souls. My father looked so angry and large because he was that kind of person. I look innocent and normal because I was the peaceful one. I apologize for my kind. I’m not like them.They just crave your planet’s resources and everything so bad they’re willing to stoop low. I don’t want to destroy your planet. It was my father who felt that way. I just want this all to be over. All I want now is to be with you and be normal. I love you. -A.
“You’re still alive. That’s fantastic.” My dad smiled. “Dad, how trained are you with fighting?” I asked. “I’m not a great fighter, but I can try I guess. Why?” He asked confused. “I know a way to destroy the aliens.” I said. Artus said all of the aliens were teleporting to the headquarters. I could use my teleporter to get us all there to kill all of them but Artus. “Oh, really?” He asked interested. “I saw Artus today. But don’t worry. He’s a good alien. He saved my life from his father. He killed his own father for me.” I said. “Wow.” My dad said.

“He said all of the aliens on earth are meeting up at their alien headquarters to discuss what to do now that their leader, Artus’s father, is dead. I have a teleporter to get us there.” I said. “I want to be mad at you for seeing Artus behing my back, but you may have helped us be able to solve the problem quicker than I expected.” My dad smiled rubbing his chin. “So, who will help us fight?” I asked. “Us, you mean me and some of the government police?” My dad laughed. “I’m fighting too!” I pleaded. “In your dreams sweetheart.” My dad smiled. “Are you sure this isn’t a trap?” He pulled out his phone to call the government. They would probably supply him with a bunch of swat and other officers. “Artus saved my life dad. Have some faith in him.” I said. “That was very awesome of him, so I’ll trust him.” My dad said squeezing my shoulder.

“To help you believe it more, read the note he sent me.” I said handing him the piece of paper. “God his handwriting is horrible.” My dad laughed. “That’s not the point. The appearance isn’t what matters, it’s the message that’s important.” I said. He read the letter quickly. “Wow. I guess I was wrong about him.” My dad said giving me back the letter. “I’m going to call the president and have him bring me some fighters.” My dad said. He quickly dialed the number on his phone.

Back-up arrived in ten minutes. “We got your request from the President sir.” The lead security said. They all looked prepared to fight. They had on bulletproof vests, helmets, black jumpsuits, and combat boots. They all had guns and weapons all over their suits. “Yes, we have found the alien quarters. My daughter found one of their teleporters. She will show us how to use it.” My dad said pointing to me. “When it was used earlier, they were all touching the person with the device in their hand for it to b effective.” I said showing them the device.

“I will have the device.” My dad said raising his hand. “Before we head out, we brought you a outfit.” The officer said handing my dad gear similar to theirs. My dad slipped it on over his t shirt and jeans. He then put the boots on. “I’ll control the device. I know how to use it.” I said. “To work, you guys all have to grab on to me and I have to say where I want to go and we will appear there. Be prepared to fight right away because we just pop up there, but at least it will catch them off guard.” Everyone grabbed onto my arms. It looked like a big bear hug. I closed my eyes and said Alien headquarters where Artus is. “Artus?”The officers said in unison confused before we teleported there.

“It worked!” My dad yelled. He pulled out a gun and began to shoot at them. “Attack!” One of the aliens yelled in a German accent. My dad pushed me out of the way. The battle was intense. I tried to stay hidden, but I also desperately wanted to find Artus. I didn’t want him killed. “Artus!” I yelled. “Elaine!” I heard him say. I can hear him but I can’t see him.
Within just two minutes, my father and the officers already killed aliens. They’re dropping one by one. They died the same way Artus’s dad did. I wonder what happens when they evaporate. “Hey.” Artus whispered running over to me out of breath. “This was my idea.” I said. “Smart. I didn’t think of it myself.” He said. He had one of those toy-looking guns in his hand again. He handed me one too. “Here.” He said handing me a gun. “Stay by me, I will protect you.” He whispered.

We ran in the battle. It was weird. Because aliens evaporate when they die there was no blood or signs that anyone died. Every alien that tried to shoot me, Artus shot them first. “Nice one Artus!” My dad yelled running next to us. “Thank you sir.” Artus nodded. “It looks like there’s only five to go.” My dad said. He aimed his gun at an alien with gold eyes and the same bald head. He shot him in the chest. Black blood squirted out as the alien fell down on his knees. He rolled around and let out the same horrifying screams Artus’s dad let out, then his body disappeared.

“I got him!” My dad cheered out of breath. “It looks like that’s it.” He put his gun into his holster. “It’s over.” Artus whispered relieved. “Yes. It’s over.” I smiled hugging Artus. “We missed one!” The lead officer screamed running over and shooting Artus. “No!” I screamed. “Artus!” Artus fell to the ground screaming. His blood isn’t as black as the other’s. I guess because of his innocence. “This wasn’t an alien.” I lied crying. I took my sweater off and wrapped it around his wound before everyone could see his black blood. “Oh, god. I’m sorry. He looked like the others, so I figured he was.” The officer said ashamed.

“He’s my friend! He was helping us!” I screamed. “Sweetie.” My dad said trying to calm me down. “He was helping us and you guys killed him! He’s a human!” I cried. “Artus?” Artus was moaning in pain, but he wasn’t dead. The shot missed his heart and hit his arm. “Elaine.” Artus whispered panting. “Are you okay?” I cried. “It hurts so bad.” He said squeezing my hand. “Let’s head back and let the President know they’re all gone. We have to tear down this place tomorrow.” The lead officer said. He, with his men following behind, left. “Can we take him to the hospital?” I asked rubbing his cold cheek. “But he’s an alien.” My dad whispered.

“I’m fine.” Artus said trying to raise off the ground. “You got shot in the arm, you’re not fine.” I said helping him up off the ground. “We can’t take an alien to the hospital though, the government will take him and kill him.” My dad said. “He’s not an alien. His name is Artus and he’s from Monaco.” I pleaded. “I have a birth certificate and stuff. My father knew a guy that sold them illegally.” Artus said. “That’s great, but you still have an alien interior even though you look like a human on the outside.” My dad said.
“I have a proposal. I forgot about it. It was the latest project my father was working on.” Artus said holding onto his hurt arm. “What is it?” I asked. “I can become human, completely.” He smiled. “Oh my god!” I said excited. “That’s great, but how could you possibly do that?” My dad laughed not believing Artus. “Human blood makes us humans.” Artus said looking at me. “That’s all it takes?” I asked. “Yes. One injection and I’m human. It turns my black blood red, my skin warm, I can grow hair, I’ll have veins…” Artus said. “I’ll do it.” I said. “Elaine.” My dad said. “Dad, let me do this.” I whispered. “Just one small amount. That’s it.” My dad said. “Thanks.” I smiled.

“There’s clean, fresh needles, over here.” Artus said. I skipped over and grabbed a few and the tubes it goes in. “Where’s your birth certificate and identification stuff?” My dad asked him as I took some of my blood. The needle didn’t hurt. It just felt like a pinch. “In the drawer.” Artus said pointing to a file cabinet. “I’ll grab them. I guess you’ll be staying with us.” My dad sighed. “Thank you sir.” Artus said. “I’m done.” I said. I filled three small tubes with my blood for Artus. “Now I must inject it into myself.” Artus said. “Do you want me to do it for you?” I asked. “Yes please, but you have to stick the needle on the left side of my chest near my heart. It has to be injected into my heart to make it human.” Artus said. “Okay.” I said. I grabbed the needle and stuck it in his chest. Artus winced and cringed as I stuck the needle into his heart and pushed the blood in.

“I got your records.” My dad said joining us. “Is it working?” I asked. “Not yet.” Artus \said still in pain. “Well that was all of the blood.” I said pulling the empty needle out. Artus dropped to the floor in pain, moaning. “Artus!” I screamed getting down on the floor next to him. His body began to roll around on the floor. Then he just laid there dead. “Oh my god.” i cried. “Sweetie, you did all you could.” My dad said rubbing my shoulder. “I love him dad.”I cried. “I know honey, I’m sorry.” He whispered. I grabbed Artus hand. “Artus.” I cried.

His eyes slowly began to open. “You’re alive!” I squealed. “Yes.” He said breathless. “I’m human.” Artus still has those bright blue eyes, but everything else on him is different. He isn’t pale anymore. His skin is a little tan. He has perfect white teeth. His lips and cheeks are a little red. He even grew black hair to his shoulders. His veins are visible in his arms and legs. “You’re human.” I whispered. “I’m human.” He whispered looking at me. “Wow. This has been a crazy week.” My dad laughed. “Let’s head to the hospital now.” I said looking at my dad.

“I can be an artist and a writer now like I wanted.” Artus smiled. “You can.” I cheered. “I want to leave behind all of this alien stuff. No teleport machines, no nothing.” Artus said. “You can live a normal life like you wanted.” I smiled. “Can we transport one last time? I don’t know how to get home from here.” My dad laughed. “One last time.” Artus said. We bundled together then transported back to the house.

“I’ll drive him.” I said. “Okay.” My dad nodded. “I have so much to learn.” He smiled. “Yes. Driving, cellphones, you definitely got dating down.” I smiled. “Thank you.” He said. “God, the wound hurts more as a human than it did when I was an alien.” He winced holding the sweater against the bleeding wound. “Hang in there, we’re almost there.” I said looking over worried.

We pulled up to the hospital. I found a park right in the front as someone was leaving. They had a new baby in their hands. I pulled into the park as they drove off slowly then rushed into the emergency with Artus.

“Excuse me!” I yelled walking into the emergency room. “How may I help you?” The receptionist said kindly. “My boyfriend was shot! He needs to be seen right away!” I said. Artus was moaning in pain. “Oh good lord.” The nurse said jumping up. “Can you guys do something?” I asked. “Yes, go straight to the back to room 1B. I’ll send the forms to the room.” The nurse said pointing to the left.

Artus and I walked to the room. It was cold in there. “A doctor is coming soon.” I said sitting in the chair near the hospital bed. “My first doctor visit.” Artus sighed. “They’re going to fix your wound.” I said. “Hi.” A doctor said lightly knocking on the door. “Hello doctor.” I said as he stepped into the hospital room.

“Artus Rocho.” The doctor nodded. “So, you’ve been shot?” The doctor asked. “Yes.” Artus said removing the bandage. Red blood dripped down his arm. “This will be a quick procedure since it’s just the arm.” The doctor said. “That’s great.” Artus said. “It will just take a quick removal of the bullet and a bandage. You may have to wear a bandage for a little while, but that’s it.” The doctor said jotting something down on his clipboard.
“Will you fill these out while I deal with the wound?” The doctor asked handing me a clipboard. “Yes sir.” I said grabbing the clipboard. It had a lot of questions about Artus. He just became a human today, but I tried to answer them as best as I could. “This may hurt.”The doctor said dabbing peroxide on the wound. Artus winced and balled his hands into fists. The doctor grabbed a pair of tweezers and quickly removed the bullet. He wrapped a bandage around it and was done. “That’s it.” The doctor smiled. “That was easy.” Artus laughed. “The bill will be sent to you, but that’s all.” The doctor said. I handed him the clipboard then we went on home.

“I can’t believe your dad will let me stay at your house.” Artus said. “You saved my life, so it’s like he owes you a favor.” I smiled as we pulled into the driveway. “He doesn’t owe me anything. I did that because you are my world. I wouldn’t be able to bear seeing you die, especially to be the one to do it.” Artus said. “Thank you.” I smiled.
We got inside and my dad was sitting on the couch in front of the television. “Was everything alright?” My dad asked. “Yes. It was an easy procedure.” Artus said. “The president is going to make an announcement today.” My dad smiled. “About what?” I asked. “The alien population on earth being wiped out.” He smiled. He looks so happy. “So I get to go to school tomorrow?” I smiled. “Yes. We didn’t think the problem will be solved this easily, but thanks to you and Artus, it was.” My dad smiled.

“They’re going to have an awards. They’re going to honor me for my hard work. I got them to honor Artus too.” My dad smiled. “Wow. That’s incredible.” Artus said amazed. “Yes Artus. You deserve it. You’re a great guy. My daughter couldn’t have chose anyone better.” My dad smiled. “Aw, this is such a sweet moment.” I said flopping down on the couch. Artus sat next to me. I was sitting in between my two favorite people in the world.
“The announcement is starting!” My dad said excited. “I recently announced that there was an alien problem, but thanks to my officers and two noblemen the problem has now been resolved. The curfew no longer exists. School is back in session. Work is back on schedule. We rid the country of aliens!” The president cheered excited. It was a change of pace for his speeches. He usually sounds so monotone and dull in his speeches. Solving this alien problem had a large effect on the people involved.

“I get to go back to school.” I smiled. “I get to be human.” Artus smiled. “I get an honorable medal by the president.” My dad smiled. “Wow.” I said. “I think I’m going to celebrate tonight. Monica wanted to go on a second date anyways.” My dad winked at me. “Second date? Wow! Does my dad have a girlfriend?” I asked. “Not yet, but maybe in the future. She’s a smart girl and she loves science.” He smiled. “Sounds like a match. I bet my outfit I picked out for you worked wonders though.” I smiled. “Whatever.” My dad laughed.

“This has been a crazy week.” I said. “I totally agree.” Artus said kissing my cheek. “Okay, I know you saved my daughter’s life, but I don’t want to see you two kissing. She’s my baby.” My dad laughed. “Sorry dad.” I smiled giving my dad a kiss on the cheek. “It’s okay honey.” My dad smiled.

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