Book Excerpts


“Hey man!” My buddy Jacob said smacking the back of my head. It hurt coming from him. Jacob is about 200 pounds of mostly muscle. He has short brown hair, tan skin, and green eyes. “What’s up?” I smiled. We had just started lunch at school. Today, I was having the pizza. “Can you believe we’ll officially be seniors after this last week of school is up?” He smiled plopping down on the grass next to me and stealing a few of my French fries. “Yeah, I’m excited. We’re going to party it up!” I said giving him a high five.

“Speaking of partying, I overheard about this college party.” Jacob smiled. “Tell me more.” I smiled. “It’s this Friday night. It’s at this Frat House down at the University of Chicago. It starts around nine. We can find a way to get there.” Jacob said. “Sounds good to me.” I laughed. “Which car would be better to take, your Bronco, or my truck?” He asked. “Well, we can take mine.” I suggested. “Great Idea, mine would chug too much gas.” Jacob laughed. “My bronco chugs gas too.” I laughed. “So.” Jacob laughed.

“So, what should we tell our folks?” I asked. “You tell your parents you’re staying at my house, I tell my parents I’m staying at your house.” Jacob said. “Your plan better work.” I laughed. “I forgot you’re not just rebellious, you’re also a smart good boy.” Jacob laughed. “Shut up.” I laughed playfully punching him. “Fool, you don’t scare me.” Jacob laughed. “One day I will.” I laughed. “I think I heard the bell, see you after school?” Jacob asked. “Yeah man.” I said grabbing my bag and heading to my last class for the day.
“Hey mom.” I smiled walking in the door and giving my mom a kiss. I love my mom. She and I are really close. She’s all I have. My dad is in jail. He used to abuse my mom, so I called the cops and got him sent away. Ever since the incident with my dad, I am very protective over my mom. We’re a very close family. We live in Chicago.

“Hey honey.” My mom smiled. “What are you up to?” I asked taking a seat at the counter. “Just getting started on dinner.” She smiled. “Smells good.” I smiled. “It’s cheese ravioli with garlic bread.” She smiled giving me a sample to taste. “Delicious like always.” I smiled. “It’s your grandma’s recipe.” She smiled. “Why are you cooking so early?” I asked. “One of the nurses at the hospital called in, so I’m taking her shift.” She said. “Oh, okay.” I said. “Make sure your sisters eat and go to bed on time please. I know you’re not the oldest, but it’s like you are.” She smiled. “No problem ma.” I said kissing her cheek again before she headed out. I stirred up the ravioli, then went into my room.

I didn’t have the courage to tell her about the party yet. So I got up to my room and turned on my music to help me clear my mind. I looked around my room. It looks so artistic. I’m a major art freak. The walls are dark blue and full of posters, pictures, and random stuff. I have a nice king size bed with a colorful checkered blanket. I have a book shelf with some books and movies, I have a nice walk-in closet, and a TV sitting on a shelf. I have my own bathroom too.

I remember when we moved here when I was about three. The decor has changed so much. Now, the living room has a dark blue sectional with black pillows, a nice big flat screen TV against the wall, pictures all over the place, a shelf full of Knick knacks, a black fuzzy carpet, and a nice fireplace we only use around Christmas.

The kitchen is huge because my mom loves to cook. It’s decorated in red and tan. It has nice updated appliances. The dining room is huge for when family is over. It has a huge black table filled with tan chairs.

We also have a huge backyard with a nice built in pool, a sitting area for barbecuing, and a trampoline. I love our house. I grew up in it.

“Joey.” My sister said walking in my room. I was in the middle of listening to my favorite band People of Mars. “Yeah?” I asked raising off my bed. “We’re hungry.” She sighed. “Okay, we can start dinner then.” I said. I grabbed my two little sister’s hands, then we went downstairs to the kitchen. They both have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, but Rose has straighter hair, and Lily has curly hair. Rose is older too, so she’s a little bigger. Rose is eight, and Lily is six. They act like twins sometimes though.

“What did mom cook?” Rose asked. “She made cheese ravioli and garlic bread.” I smiled fixing plates for us to eat. “Yummy.” They both said in unison rubbing their bellies. It was crazy how they could do things at the same time like that. “Is Jessie coming to dinner?” Lily asked. “I don’t know.” I shrugged.

“What did mom cook?” My older sister Jessie said coming down the stairs. “Speaking of the devil, there she is.” I laughed as Jessie walked into the kitchen. “Cheese Ravioli with garlic bread.” I said. “Will you be eating with us tonight, or out like always?” She took a seat at the table and laughed. “I’ll be here for a few minutes, then I’m going out with this guy.” She said. “Of course.” I said sarcastically.

My sister Jessie, is wild and irresponsible. Ever since she dropped out of college, she’s been doing nothing but partying, drinking, sleeping with lots of guys, and giving my mom stress. I, on the other hand, even though I have a rebellious side, have a job down at Food and Things, I get good grades, I help my mom out, and I’m pretty good for a seventeen year old boy.

“Just fix my plate, my date is coming in ten minutes.” Jessie sighed. “Whatever.” I said handing her a plate. I made myself one, then we all ate at the table. “Excited to be a senior?” Jessie asked nudging my side hard. “Of course.” I smiled. “Senior year is the best year of your life. Parties, parties, and more parties.” Jessie smiled nudging my side harder this time. “Yeah.” I laughed.

The doorbell rang. “Oh, my date.” She smiled. She wiped her mouth, then checked herself out in the mirror. She let her long brown hair fall down, she put a little foundation on her white skin, and mascara around her brown eyes. She pulled her dress up a little. “Bye!” She grabbed her purse and dashed out the door. I caught a glimpse of her guy for tonight before they left. Like usual, it is a douche looking guy. These douche guys is what’s keeping her slutty and wild. Her group of friends aren’t good either.

“Where did Jessie go?” Rose asked. “Somewhere with a friend.” I shrugged. “Oh.” Lily said. “You guys about done, so you can shower and go to bed?” I asked. “What about dessert?” They whined. “Oh yeah.” I said. “How could you forget dessert?” Lily said shocked. “Yeah, that’s like forgetting to put on pants!” Rose said. “Here.” I laughed. I handed them both a Twinkie out of the cabinet. “Yay.” They cheered. They quickly devoured it. “Now get ready to shower and go to bed.” I said cleaning up the table. They quickly finished their food, then ran up the stairs.

I cleared up the dinner table, then headed upstairs to make sure they bathed. “You guys got it?” I asked leaning against their room door. Their room is so pink that it was crazy. It was a Disney Princess theme. Their walls were pink, their twin size beds had pink striped comforters, their shelf was white like the dresser and headboards, but the TV on it was pink, their carpet was pink, and even their bathroom was decorated in pink.

“We got it.” They smiled. “I’m going to stand here and make sure.” I said. “Okay.” They smiled. I heard them turn the water on. “Make sure it’s not too hot, and don’t put too many bubbles!” I yelled to them from their room. “We got it.” They yelled back. “Okay.” I said. Five minutes later, they came out. “We’re done.” Rose said. “Alright, you drain the tub?” I asked. “Yes.” Rose smiled. “Okay, put on pajamas, then get in bed.” I said. I raised off the bed and went to check the bathroom. It was clean. They’re growing up fast. They’re beginning to do things on their own without needing me.

“You guys did a good job on being independent today.” I smiled giving them both a high-five. I took a seat in their pink rocking chair. “We’re old enough to do things on our own.” Rose smiled. “Yes, you know I’m a protective big brother though.” I laughed. “I know.” Rose laughed. “So, goodnight.” I smiled. I gave them both a kiss on the cheek, then headed to my room. I stripped down to just my boxer briefs and went to sleep.
“Man ready to party!” Jacob cheered as we drove down to the party in my car. “Officially Seniors bro!” Jacob was excited. I was pretty excited too though. I’ve been waiting for Senior Year since I became a freshman. “Yeah!” I cheered along with Jacob. “Going to the party, party, party!” We sang as we pulled up to the frat house. That was our tradition when we partied to sing on the way there.

I checked myself out in the reflection of my window before heading inside. My long hair looked neat, I had on a white muscle shirt, a black cardigan, khaki jeans, and my black converse. I dressed kind of unique. People think I’m gay because of my style, but I’m not.

“Ready for the night of your life bro?” Jacob smiled hitting my shoulder. “Hell yeah.” I said as we walked inside. “Woo party!” Jacob cheered. He immediately grabbed a beer for the both of us. The problem with me and drinking is that once I get started, there’s no stopping me. I stayed at the bar for an hour just chugging beers. Once the bartender wouldn’t give me more, I stumbled over to the dancefloor.

“Yo man, take it easy. You look drunk as hell.” Jacob yelled over the music. “What?” I laughed. “You’re drunk!” He said. “I’m drunk?” I asked unable to comprehend anything at the moment. I get stupid when I drink. “God, you’re deaf.” Jacob laughed. “I’m deaf?” I asked. “Nevermind, stupid.” Jacob laughed.

“Hey!” I yelled as I danced with a girl. I couldn’t make out her face or body, she was just a blur with long blonde hair. “Hey.” She said. “I love this song!” I cheered singing along as we danced together. “Yeah.” The girl said. “Great party!” I yelled. I was having a blast at this party. College parties are the best.
“Yo man wake up, we have to head-whoa someone had a good night!” Jacob laughed walking into one of the rooms at the frat house. “What are you talking about?” I asked weakly lifting myself with my elbows. “Dude, look next to you!” He laughed pointing next to me. I turned my head to the right and there was a girl with long blonde hair and brown eyes laying there. “What the fuck!” I yelled jumping out the bed. I fell onto the floor. I have such a major headache. I moved way too fast. “I couldn’t have. No!” I was freaking out. I was laying here naked, next to a girl that was also naked, I couldn’t have had sex with her though. For one, she’s not my type, for two, I don’t even remember, and for three, I don’t even know her name or anything about her.

I quickly jumped up, causing my brain to throb against my skyll, trying to hurry and get out of this room. “Dude, put on your clothes!” Jacob yelled turning his head. “What the hell?” I yelled confused. I woke the girl up. “Hey.” She said grouchily. Just by her mean good morning, I could tell she was a total bitch.

“Who are you?” I yelled slipping on my jeans. “What happened in here last night?” Jacob laughed. “Joey and I had sex, duh” She said. “No way! I don’t know you!” I yelled scared.
“She knows your name bro.” Jacob laughed. “Yes.” She said with an attitude. “It can’t be. I don’t remember and you’re not my type!” I said scared. “Not your type, please. Sure didn’t say that last night when you were trying to stick your junk in me.” The girl said. “Well, you guys were laying in a bed naked together.” Jacob laughed. “It can’t be. I didn’t even bring condoms. I don’t even know you, not even your name.” I said shaking my head. “We didn’t use one.” She smiled.

“What the hell is your problem?” I asked. “Me?” She asked with a sarcastic laugh. “Yes you!” I yelled. “You sure seemed interested in me last night!” She yelled. “I was drunk!” I yelled. “You agreed to have sex with me though. I asked you if you wanted to.” She said. “I was drunk! I’m clueless and stupid when I’m drunk.” I yelled. “Whatever.” She said angrily slipping on her clothes.

“You had sex with me without a condom while I was drunk?” I asked. “Pretty much.” She shrugged her shoulders. “Oh gosh!” I yelled. “This girl is crazy.” Jacob laughed. “Did I at least pull out before, you know?” I asked. “I don’t remember.” She said. “What if you’re pregnant?” I asked. “I cannot have a baby. I hate kids.” She said. “Should’ve thought about that before you banged my drunk friend without a condom.” Jacob said. “Fuck you guys!” She said pushing us out the way and storming out the room.

“I’m fucked.” I sighed. “Don’t worry. Just wait and see. You might get lucky, and she might not be pregnant.” Jacob said. We had to dodge people to get to the car. There were drunk passed out people all over the place. “I hope so.” I said. “Besides, if she is, you’ll be a great dad with how you are at home with your sisters and mom.” Jacob said. “Wow, you said something nice.” I laughed. “I can be nice.” Jacob laughed. “I guess her name is Melanie.” I laughed looking through my phone. Apparently, I added a contact named Melanie into my phone last night. “Wow. At least you have her number incase anything happens.” Jacob shrugged on the drive home. “Thank goodness.” I laughed.

“Hey Joey.” My mom smiled kissing my cheek as Jacob and I got to my house. “Hey Jacob.” She kissed his cheek too. Jacob and I have been best friends since Kindergarten, so he’s like part of the family. “Hey second mom.” Jacob smiled. “You guys have a fun night? “She smiled. “Oh yeah.” Jacob laughed. “That’s good.” She smiled. Looking at her, it was hard for me to tell a lie, especially if I have to come out about it later if that girl Melanie is pregnant.

“You cook any breakfast ma? I asked sitting at one of the barstools. “Yes, I was just about to put the leftovers up too. You’re just in time.” She smiled. If you looked at her face hard enough, you notice a horrible scar on her cheek. Its from my dad when he was around. “Yes, I love your cooking.” Jacob smiled as we grabbed a spoon and began digging in. “Its good.” I smiled.

“So, where is Jessie?”My mom asked fixing herself a cup of coffee. “I just got here ma, I don’t know.”I laughed. “She wasn’t here yesterday either though.”My mom said. “Oh, I don’t know then.”I said. “She needs her own place. I’m at my last strike with that girl. She thinks she can come and go just as she please, party and drink, not have a job, and use my money. She’s 21, she should be more like you.”My mom sighed. “I know mom. Don’t stress about her, just be happy.”I smiled.

“I love you son.”My mom smiled touching my cheek. “Love you too mom.”Jacob joked. “And I love you too Jacob.”My mom laughed pinching his cheeks. “So, are you working today?”I asked. “Nope, I’m off for this weekend for Lily’s graduation.”She smiled. “Wow, the whole weekend. Good for you.”I laughed giving her a highfive. “Yeah.”She smiled. “Please don’t tell me we have to dress up.”I sighed. “I don’t think so.”She said. “Thank god.”I laughed.

“Where is Rose and Lily anyway?”Jacob asked. “They’re in their room playing with their dolls.”My mom said. “They didn’t come out and say hi.”Jacob laughed. “I got them this new dollset with a dollhouse. They’ve been playing all morning.”My mom laughed.

“I’ll call them out.”I said. “Rose, Lily!”I yelled. I heard them upstairs giggling, then they ran down the stairs. “Hi.”They smiled giving me a hug. “What about me?”Jacob laughed. “Hi.”They said giving him a hug. “Excited to graduate Lily?”I smiled sitting her in my lap. “Yes. I’m in first grade now.”She smiled. “Good job.”I said giving her a highfive. “Speaking of graduating, you will be soon Senior.”My mom smiled. She was always smiling. That was my favorite characteristic about her. She was strong, and always happy and smiling no matter what.

“Oh yeah.”I laughed. “You know you knew bro.”Jacob laughed. “Can I go play with my dollies again?”Lily whined. “Fine, go.”I laughed. “Bye.”She smiled running back upstairs. “Kids nowadays.”Jacob laughed. “You were probably crazy too.”My mom laughed. “Yeah, he’s been a little heartbreaking player since Kindergarten.”I laughed. “Whatever.”Jacob laughed. “Sounds just like him.”My mom laughed. “It is.”I laughed. “What about you son, you breaking hearts?”She asked. “I’m not a heartbreaker, but I date.”I shrugged my shoulders. “Yeah.”Jacob laughed sarcastically. “Shut up man.”I laughed hitting the back of his head.

“Jojo, have you had sex?”My mom asked seriously. “To be honest mom, yes.”I sighed. “Oh god.”She said. “I’m responsible though, I use protection, and I don’t just have one night stands like Jessie.”I said. “I trust you. Thank you for being honest.”My mom smiled. It was hard for me to lie to my mom, or keep a secret from her. I had to tell her about the one night stand at the party.

“Mom.”I sighed. “Yeah?”She asked. “There’s something I have to tell you.”I said. “What is it?”She asked. “I-I slept with this girl, named Melanie.”I said. “Yeah, I know you’re sexually active, please don’t go into detail.”She laughed.

“No, this is different.”I sighed. “Last night, we went to this party.”I said. “Go on.” She said getting serious. “I guess I drank too much.”I sighed. “Shouldn’t be drinking son. Continue.”She said sternly. “I met this girl Melanie, we had sex.”I sighed. “I don’t get the point.”My mom said. “Well, she said it was unprotected sex.”I sighed. “Oh god.”My mom whispered. “Yes mom, there’s a possibility that she can be pregnant. I don’t know yet though.”I said. “Joseph Paul Romano. How could you.”My mom whispered. I hated for her to be stressed, sad, or mad. Especially because of me.

“I’m sorry ma, I was drunk. I had no idea. I just woke up and bam, turns out I had sex last night that I didn’t even remember.”I said. “God, I expect this from Jessie, but you?”She asked. “Sorry mom, please forgive me.”I sighed. “I forgive you.”She said hugging me. “Will you be mad if she is pregnant?”I asked. “A little upset, but I love you no matter what son. As long as you take care of it. It will be hard though.”She sighed. “I know ma, I know.”I said squeezing her tight.

“On the brightside, Jacob will be a great dad since he helps take care of the family.”Jacob smiled. “Thanks bro.”I smiled. “I guess now we have to wait to hear the news from this girl.”My mom said. “Yes. I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant though.”I said. “Okay.”My mom said.

“Crap, she’s calling.”I sighed. Jacob and I were sitting in my room listening to music. “Answer it bro, she might’ve just called to say hello or something.”He shrugged. “All this time since the party and she’s calling to say hello, yeah right. She’s calling to say she’s pregnant.”I said nervous. I answered the phone anyways though.

“This is Melanie from the party.”
“Oh, hey.”
“Thanks a lot you asshole, I’m freaking pregnant.”
“Oh my god.”
“What are we going to do?”
“I don’t freaking know!”
“Gosh, calm down.”
“I can’t help it, I’m pregnant with a baby I don’t even freaking want because of you.”
“You’re the one that had unprotected sex with me technically.”
“So what should we do?”
“No way! No one is killing my baby!”
“You expect me to carry this baby in me for nine months and have it! You‘re crazy!”
“You can’t kill it!”
“Fine, adoption?”
“I don‘t know if I‘d be able to give my baby away.”
“Then what the hell else is there to do?”
“Keep it and raise it.”
”I‘m not raising shit but myself.”
”I‘ll raise it.”
”Fine, whatever. So, I keep it in me for nine months, then you keep it and we‘re done?”
“What do I get out of this?”
“Bringing a baby into this world and being a mommy.”
“Fuck being a mom. Just, whatever.”
“Okay, so keep in contact so I’ll know the baby is fine.”

“So I take it she’s pregnant?”Jacob asked. “Yeah, she doesn’t want it neither, how could someone be such a ass?”I said. “You’re the one that slept with her.”Jacob laughed. “Hey, if it wouldn’t have been me, it could have been you.”I laughed. “I didn’t get drunk though, so it wouldn’t have been me.”Jacob laughed. “Shut up.”I laughed punching his arm. “So, you gonna go tell your mom?”Jacob asked. “Yeah.” I sighed. “I’ll catch you later then, I’m going to head home.”Jacob said.

I slowly raised out of bed and went downstairs to break the news to my mom. We’ve been waiting for the pregnancy confirmation though, so it won’t be much of a surprise. “Ma?”I asked. She was on the couch watching Family Feud. “Yeah Joey?”She said from the couch. “That girl Melanie called.”I said. “Does this mean she’s pregnant?”She asked muting the television. “Yes.”I sighed.

“Oh god.”She sighed. “I’m sorry mom.”I said flopping down on the couch next to her. “What are you going to do?”She asked. “Well, she doesn’t want it. She wanted to get an abortion, or give it away, but I said I want it. So I’m keeping it.”I said. “Proud of you for taking responsibility for your actions. Being a parent is hard work. Being a single parent is even harder, but you have my support and you’re a good boy.”My mom smiled touching my cheek. “Thanks mom.”I smiled.

“Where’s Lily and Rose?”I asked. “Still playing with their dolls.”My mom laughed. “I’m going to go mess with them.”I smiled quickly jumping off the couch. “If they beat you up, not my fault.”She laughed getting back into the television show she was watching.

“Hey.”I smiled barging into their room. “Hey.”They said in unison. “Can I play with you guys?”I smiled. “We don’t have any room for you.”Rosy laughed sticking her tongue out. “You know, that hurt my feelings.”I said putting my head down pretending to cry. They were young and gullible, my fake cry always worked on them. “Aw, fine.”Rose sighed handing me a naked male barbie doll. “Thanks.”I smiled.

“Pick some clothes out for him out of the closet.”Rose said. “I think I’ll choose this green hoodie, some jeans, and converse.”I smiled slipping the clothes on the doll. “I’ll comb his hair for you.”Lily smiled grabbing the doll from me. “Thanks.”I laughed.

“His name is Robert.”Lily smiled. “Hi Robert.”I waved to the doll. “You can’t talk to the dolls. You talk as the dolls. Duh.”Rose laughed. “Well, I’m not a professional doll player.”I laughed as they stuck their tongue out at me. “He’s new Rose, leave him alone.”Lily smiled.

“I have news for you guys.”I smiled after playing Barbies with them for about five minutes. “Good news?”Rose said excitedly. “Of course.”I smiled. “What is it?”Rose smiled. “I’m going to have a baby guys.”I smiled. “Guys can get pregnant?”Rose asked. “No, my girl Melanie is pregnant with my baby. You’ll get to meet it in nine months.”I smiled. I lied and said girl because I didn’t want them to know I had a one night stand. “Cool!”They both exclaimed. “Well, I’ll let you guys get back to your dolls. Dinner will be done later.”I smiled leaving out of their room.

I decided to check and see if Jessie was in her room to tell her the news. I walked over to her door and knocked on it. “Open it!”She yelled. “Guess what.”I said nervous. “Just tell me. I don’t like guessing.”She laughed. “I got this girl pregnant.”I said. “This girl?Meaning like a random hook up?Wow.”She laughed shocked. “I know.”I sighed. “Out of all people, you. I thought that would’ve happened to me before you.”She laughed.

“I was drunk. I didn’t know.”I said. “I’m so shocked.”She laughed. “I get that you’re shocked gosh.”I said. “Wow little brother.”She smiled. “Yeah.”I said leaving out of her room.

“You ready?”I asked as I pulled up to Melanie’s apartment. She was two months pregnant and we had a doctor’s appointment to check up on the baby. “Yeah, I’ll come out right now.”She said hanging up the phone.

“Smoking, seriously?”I said a little annoyed. “So.”She said taking a puff of the cigarette. “This is harmful to the baby.”I sighed grabbing it out of her mouth and letting it out. “Asshole.”She sighed. “Buckle your seatbelt please.”I said before I drove off. “Whatever. Just seven more months.”She said. “Yeah, you need to start eating better and stop the smoking and drinking. That’s unhealthy.”I said. “I don’t get how.”She shrugged. “Because you have a baby inside of you. Stop being selfish and think about our baby that’s inside of you. You’re supporting two people now, not just you.”I said. “Yeah,sure.”She shrugged.

“Hello.”The doctor smiled when we arrived at his office. “Hi sir.”I nodded. “You guys ready to check up on the baby?”He said excitedly. “Yes we are.”I smiled. “Don’t speak for me.”Melanie sighed. “Whatever.”I said. “Okay, let’s get the show on the road.”The doctor smiled.

“Melanie, any pain, problems, concerns?”The doctor asked rubbing the goo all over her stomach. She was starting to show. She had a little lump. “No.”She said. “Nothing at all?”The doctor asked. “I’ve been sick, throwing up. I eat like a lot all day and some of the foods I crave and eat are really weird. I have a strong smell, and some smells make me sick.”Melanie sighed. “That’s normal symptoms women experience in their first trimester.” The doctor smiled tapping his pen against his clipboard. “Any advice?”I asked. “I can talk for myself dude.”She said. “Well, just drink a lot of water, eat healthy, maybe a little exercise, don’t do extreme physical activity, and come in for check ups every month maybe. Of course don’t drink or smoke. Stay away from it.”The doctor said looking at Melanie. “Why are you looking at me?”Melanie asked. “Eye contact is good with your patients Mam, sorry if I offended you.”The doctor said nervous.

“Don’t mind her, she’s just feeling guilty. She’s been smoking and drinking and won’t stop even though I told her to.”I sighed. “Ms. Scott, that is not good for you, or your baby’s health.”The doctor sighed. “I’d recommend you stop.” Melanie looked so pissed, but also embarrassed. I think I embarrassed her by telling the doctor about her smoking. “Whatever. The baby is fine.” She said grabbing her bag and storming out of the doctor’s office.

“Can you please help her stop, for the sake of the baby?”The doctor asked as I was about to chase after her. “Yes sir, I will. I won’t let her hurt my baby.”I nodded at him. “Thanks, it’s good that she has a great boyfriend like you.”The doctor smiled. “Oh, I’m not her boyfriend.” I said. “Oh, sorry.”He said. “I better go after her though, have a nice day.”I waved.

“Melanie!” I yelled. She was halfway across the parking lot. “Leave me alone!”She yelled. She was walking to the bus stop. “Come on. I’m not letting you walk home or ride the bus.”I said. “You don’t decide for me, I decide for myself!” She screamed. “Please. I’m sorry if I said too much to the doctor, just let me drive you home.”I sighed. “No.”She yelled. “I’m not taking no for an answer. Come back to the car. You’re not walking or riding the bus.”I said. As she was about to cross the street, the bus shot past.

“Look, you missed it. The next one will probably be a while. Might as well let me take you home.”I smiled. “Fine.” She sighed walking back towards the car. “Why are you so nice to me even though I’m a total bitch to you?”She asked as I helped her get into the car. “I’m a nice person, and I’m grateful for you to be carrying my baby.”I smiled. “You’re such a good guy. Exactly like my mom wanted me to end up with.”She sighed. “Thanks.”I smiled. “I know I’m a handful and you probably hate dealing with me because I’m not your girlfriend, but thanks for everything.”She smiled. “Wow, you smiled.”I laughed. “I was having a nice moment, shut up.”She laughed punching my arm.

“Maybe we should keep in touch more, you know, for the baby.”I suggested when we pulled up to her house. “Sure.”She said. “See, I need more nice Melanie, I like nice Melanie.”I smiled. “I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything.”She laughed. “Okay, bye.”I smiled as she walked to the door. I made sure she got in the house before I finally drove off.

“So how was the doctor appointment?”My mom asked when I got in the door. She was about to head to work in a little. “It was pretty good. She was smoking and drinking though, so that has to stop. She’s experiencing normal first trimester stuff though.”I said. “How’s the baby?”She asked. “It’s pretty good, just a little small.”I said. “Probably from the smoking, she needs to stop. I won’t have her hurting my grandchild.”My mom said. “Mom, she’s stopping. Calm down.”I sighed. “I’m off to work, its Friday so you can order fast food for you guys. Jessie left to her friend’s house for the weekend. Bye.”She smiled kissing my cheek.

“Ladies!” I yelled to the girls from downstairs. They like to be called ladies. They’re little women. It seems like everyday they’re growing and getting older and changing. “Coming!” They said running down the stairs. “What do you guys want for dinner?”I asked. “McDonald’s!” They both exclaimed. “McDonald’s it is.”I smiled grabbing the keys to my Bronco. Melanie seemed like she was in a good mood, and I want to keep her away from parties, so I invited her over to watch movies with me and my sisters.

“Hey.”I said when she picked up her phone.
“Hey.”She said.
“So, you should come over.”I said hopeful.
“No plans tonight, so sure. Pick me up.”She said.
“Okay, I’ll be there in twenty minutes.” I said.

“Do you guys mind if I invite over a friend?”I smiled as we waited for our food in the drive thru. “The more the merrier.”Rose smiled. “Alright, thanks guys.”I smiled. I handed the worker a twenty, got the food, and drove off.

“Who are you picking up?”Lily asked. “My friend Melanie.”I said. “The one with your baby?”Rose asked. “Yes guys.”I smiled. “Cool.”They said. I pulled up to her house. She was sitting on her front step outside. She had no cigarette in her hand this time. I hopped out my car to open the door for her and let her in.

“Hey.”I smiled grabbing her hand to help her in. “You don’t have to help me get in.”She laughed. “I want to make sure you can get in. I know there’s a railing, but still.”I shrugged. “Thanks though.”She laughed. “She’s pretty.”Rose smiled as I got back in and was driving off. “Thank you.”She smiled. “Welcome.”Rose smiled. “These are my two little sisters Rose and Lily.”I said. “Rose and Lily, this is Melanie.” Rose and Lily really liked Melanie.

“So, this is my house.”I smiled as we walked up to the doorstep. “Nice house.”She said looking around. “You can just get comfortable on the couch.”I said sitting the bags down on the table. “Cool.”She said. “Rose and Lily, pick a movie please.”I said. I grabbed four apple juices out of the refrigerator and a half-eaten big bag of hot cheetos Jake and I started eating, then headed to the living room. “You didn’t grab any chocolate?”Lily gasped. “Sorry, I forgot.”I laughed running back to the kitchen. I grabbed a few chocolate bars, then ran back to the couch. I flopped down, and Rose started the movie. They put in
The Little Mermaid.

“Great movie choice.”I smiled. “Shush the movie is started.”Rose whispered. “Sorry.”I laughed. Melanie laughed at me too. She seemed like she was enjoying herself. I was glad to keep her away from drugs and alcohol and help her have fun.

“I used to watch this movie all the time when I was a little girl.”Melanie whispered during the movie. “Yeah, me too.”I said. “Really?”She laughed. “Yeah.”I laughed. “How cute.”She smiled. “I was a pretty awesome kid, not going to lie.”I laughed popping a few chips into my mouth. “These are good, have some.”I said. She grabbed a chip and popped it into her mouth.

“Oh boy, she said running to the downstairs bathroom. “Melanie, you alright?”I ran after her. I was nervous. “What’s wrong?” She was bent over in front of the toilet puking. I grabbed her hair to hold for her. “God, I hate this sickness.”She said wiping her face with the wet towel I gave her. “It’ll be over soon.”I smiled. “Thanks.”She said. “So I guess the baby doesn’t like hot foods?”I asked. “Seems like it, everytime I eat something spicy I puke. It loves fruity stuff though, and McDonald’s.”She laughed. “Awesome. My baby loves McDonald’s.” I laughed.

We walked back to the livingroom and the movie was already over. “Movie over already?”I asked flopping down on the couch. “Yeah. Can we put in another?”Rose smiled. “It’s already ten. Your bedtime is soon, so we better not.”I said. “Aw. Party pooper.”Lily whined. “I am not.”I laughed. “I’m just following mom’s instructions. Now go upstairs and get a bath ready.” They slowly went up the steps with their heads down trying to make me feel bad. Sometimes their little act worked on me, but today it didn’t. Melanie was enjoying every bit of being around me and my sisters. I could see it in the smile on her face, and the sparkle in her eyes.

“Hey guys.”Jessie said loudly walking in the door. She surprised me. “I thought you were going to your friend’s for the weekend?”I asked confused. “Police came down to the party, so I decided to just come-No way!” She looked over at Melanie and got the most angry, yet horrified look on her face. “Who’s she?” Melanie asked glaring at my sister. “My sister Jessie.”I said nervous. “I’m guessing you guys know eachother.” All day, Melanie was in a great mood and one look at Jessie turned everything around. “Oh, I sure do know this slut.”Melanie glared walking up to Jessie. “Come on, no fighting and especially not while you’re pregnant.”I said jumping up and getting in between the two of them.

“This slut slept with my boyfriend!” Melanie yelled. “Learn how to please him next time.”Jessie smiled. “I could probably teach you a thing or two.” Jessie sounded like such a slut right now. The sad thing was that she sounded happy and proud like it was a good thing. “That’s horrible Jessie.” I sighed. “Come on, I’m taking you home.” I grabbed Melanie’s bag for her, then carried her to the car. “Such a slut! That’s why you can’t keep a guy. You’re only good for one thing.” Melanie yelled. “Yelling isn’t healthy. Think about the baby.” I said worried. “A slut? Says the girl pregnant from a one night stand.” Jessie laughed. “Bitch!” Melanie yelled flipping Jessie off as I got her in the car and drove off. I had her in a really good mood, and of course my sister had to come along and mess things up. I guess now it’s back to the old mean Melanie that hates the world.

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